Bienvenidos: Sr. Arias Joins Faculty


Dev Maharaj, Staff Writer

Nuevos Comienzos in Spanish means new beginnings, an accurate representation of what is currently happening at the Upper School. Following the departure of Mr. Juan Carlos Dias David at the conclusion of the first semester, the Benjamin Community welcomes the arrival of a new world languages teacher: Mr. Ricardo Arias. 

As a member of the world language department, Mr. Arias will be teaching multiple levels of Spanish as well as French.

Mr. Arias shares what he likes the most about the Upper School compared to the Middle School.

“I really like the Upper School. My favorite part about teaching at the Upper School compared to the Middle School is that all of my students are very responsible, independent, and more eager to learn a foreign language, and they really seem to care about their grades,” said Mr. Arias.

A polylinguist, Mr. Arias is excited to be able to introduce students to multiple cultures. “My favorite part of teaching Spanish is sharing my culture with all my students, and I just love the French language, I studied in France, so I just think it is great that I get to teach students about the French culture that I was fortunate to learn and experience,” said Mr. Arias.

Mr. Arias has been teaching French and Spanish at the Middle School for the past year and developed connections with some of the current ninth graders who will have had class with him two years in a row. 

One of these students is Erik Nutter. Nutter is now currently in Mr. Arias’ Spanish 1 class. Nutter comments about Mr. Arias and his impact on him so far “I have been learning with Mr. Arias with French and Spanish, I have felt the impact of his teaching, with a new level of understanding of both languages.” 

Nutter adds that Mr. Arias provides a positive environment for students to enjoy. “I have been learning with Mr. Arias since last year in 8th grade C-Level French Class, and now, this year in Spanish 1, and he seems to be very enthusiastic about how and what he teaches and he treats the classroom as a fun environment.”

Students certainly seem to have an appreciation for our recent member of the faculty and we here at The Pharcyde wish Mr. Arias a warm welcome to the Upper School.