The Perfect Post: A Guide from Two Benjamin Seniors


Gwen Savidge

@gwen.savidge uses a consistent filter scheme to keep her Instagram aesthetic on point.

Nadia Poncy, Social Media Director

The perfect Instagram post starts with one idea: confidence. No matter what you post, whether a picture of the beach you took or a picture of you with a group of friends, if you have confidence in what you are posting, it will receive a good response because your audience will pick up on it. 

Senior Cole Jernstedt is very involved in social media and has built up his Instagram following over the past few months. His instagram, @colejernstedt, has amassed 1,899 followers. 

“Everyone can post and have the sauce. The only thing that matters is you just gotta post with confidence and not care what others think,” he opined.

If you want to become an Instagram influencer, you have to approach your Instagram with a different angle because you have to play to your audience rather than just for enjoyment. Jernstedt, an aspiring Instagram influencer, said, “The caption and background of your Instagram post captures the audience and truly decides whether you get their likes or not.”

Jernstedt recommends using hashtags to try and capture a new audience and attract more people. A hashtag can be as simple as “#tbt” or as complex as “#dogsofinstagram,” both of which have millions of posts underneath them. 

Another student with a popular Instagram page is senior Gwen Savidge, @gwen.savidge. 

Savidge believes that consistency is key when it comes to building up an Instagram profile. “I like to have a cohesive feed because it is calming and makes me feel happy. I edit my picture colors to match my feed using Lightroom presets,” she explains.

Having a consistent filter scheme helps you receive more recognition when you post as people will become familiar with your filters. Savidge’s Instagram page is filled with bright filters that all match together making her Instagram page much more aesthetically pleasing and organized. 

Another piece of advice that Gwen Savidge recommends is making sure you enjoy your pictures. “I think that taking pictures during events and with friends is a great way to remember the memories and have a good post too. Try not to care what people think, and instead post what makes you confident and happy and you will receive good feedback from that,” she said.