The Best Chocolates to Give Your S/O


Jane Boyland

Prom committee makes candy grams in support of prom and for a sweet Valentine’s Day treat.

Jane Boyland, Staff Writer

The expectation of having the perfect Valentine’s Day is high. For days leading up to Feb. 14,  stress levels skyrocket for what to get your significant other. Giving chocolates to your valentine may seem cliché, but it’s a sweet gesture and shows appreciation.

The world has progressed from the typical heart-shaped boxes of chocolates to many other varieties. 

Chocolate covered pretzels are a simple, yet classic choice. Some people think that pretzels are boring, but the chocolate covered ones are the perfect mix between salty and sweet. You can easily hold and even share them with your valentine. They are definitely a strong choice for a sweet gift. 

Chocolate covered Oreos are a safe bet for your special someone. Each bite melts in your mouth. You can buy them in small sleeves, and they are a great option for Valentine’s Day.

Hershey Bars are not the right chocolate to give your Valentine, unless you pair it with an assortment of other chocolates. They do not show the effort that your significant other wants you to show. However delicious they are, they belong in squares on a s’more, not as your Valentine’s Day gift.

M&M’s are a classic candy for Halloween, but not for Valentine’s Day. However small and delicious, they should stay in your trick-or-treating bag and out of your Valentine’s day gift bag.

Contrary to somewhat popular belief, try to avoid chocolate covered strawberries. They are a popular choice to get for Valentine’s Day, but they are overrated. Not only do they not taste that good, but the mess that ensues after eating one makes them even less worth it. 

Dove chocolate is a common choice for Valentine’s Day for good reason. Their dark, milk, and white chocolates are creamy and pure. Dove is currently offering a deal that if you buy any kind of chocolate, they will include a free teddy bear with your purchase. This is both enticing for the deal as well as for the chocolate because of their delicious options. 

A combination or assortment of all the different chocolates listed above would be a great Valentine’s Day Gift and a great way of telling your Valentine you appreciate them.

Good luck and happy Valentine’s Day!