A Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Nadia Poncy, Social Media Director

Single on Valentine’s Day again? Yup, me too, BUT that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a bad day. Sure, all the lovey dovey romantic comedies will be playing round the clock on TV, but come on, you’re a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a Valentine to be happy. The best kind of love to have is love for yourself anyways, so here is the ultimate single girl’s guide to Valentine’s Day. 

  • Treat yo’self

This one is kind of a given, but if you don’t have someone to spoil with gifts on Valentine’s Day, then just spoil yourself. Don’t have someone to buy chocolates for, that’s fine, buy yourself a Prada bag instead! It’s a perfectly reasonable exchange. Being an independent baddie can be exhausting at times, and Valentine’s Day should be a day for you to relax and remember how good you are. Whether it be a trip to the spa or something as simple as some alone time reading a good book, you earn the time to relax and spoil yourself. 

  • Take some cute pictures

Having a photoshoot with some friends is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day with others without having a special someone. Taking pictures can be really fun and a good confidence boost. The point should be to get really creative with it and do a themed photoshoot. It’s a good memory to have with friends, and the pictures you take will be fun momentos of the photoshoot itself. If you post some of the pictures, it will be a good counter balance to all the couples posting on their social media and show others that you’re happy being single.

  • Throw a Galentine’s Day Party

If you aren’t in the mood for taking photos, another way to spend time with others on Valentine’s Day is having a Galentine’s Day party. Whether you want to keep it casual or dress it up is all up to you, but having a get together with some of your other single friends will remind you all of how much fun it is to be single. You can all make some kind of food dish and once again be creative with a theme. Sisters before misters all the way, so might as well use Valentine’s Day to show your sisters how much they mean to you.

  • Empower yourself

Oftentimes, we lose confidence in ourselves and do not feel our best. Using Valentine’s Day as a day to remind yourself how beautiful and talented you are is a great use of your time and should be done so more than just on Valentine’s Day. Watching movies with strong female role models like The Devil Wears Prada (one of my all time favorite movies) or even reflecting on the work you’ve done is the best way to remind yourself how powerful you can be. This sounds cheesy, but it’s not as cheesy as those romantic comedies on TV and couple pictures that are being posted on social media.

  • Give back

If you’re in more of the giving mood, use your time on Valentine’s Day to give back to your community whether it be helping out someone you know or participating in some form of volunteer work. Giving to others is much more important and more fulfilling than going out on a romantic date. Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for couples to show off their relationships anyways, so while they’re out there flaunting, you can actually be making a difference by doing a beach clean up or some other form of service. 

If you find yourself single on Valentine’s Day, do not fret. Remember you do not need anyone in your life to make you happy. Instead, you should just focus on yourself and helping out others around you to have a real successful Valentine’s Day.