Staff Writer Predicts Who Will Take “The Final Rose”


The 25th season of The Bachelor is coming to a end on March 15th, and fans will know Matt James’ final pick.

Jane Boyland, Staff Writer

With the 25th season finale of The Bachelor quickly approaching on Mar. 15, fans are eager to know who will receive Matt James’ final rose.

After an overwhelming and drama-filled season still with more to come, the final three women currently on the show are Bri Springs, Michelle Young, and the controversial Rachael Kirkconnell, .

Springs is a 24 year old Communications Manager and lives in San Francisco, California. She quit her job at Facebook just to come on James’ season. 

Young is a 27 year old elementary school teacher and former Division One basketball player from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Some of her students were lucky enough to meet James on Young’s “hometown” date through Zoom.

Kirkconnell is a 24 year old graphic designer from Cumming, Georgia. There has been some controversy around Kirkconnell because of the rumors spreading about her. She had been a fan favorite before all of these rumors escalated. Supposedly, she has made several racist remarks, and this is causing uproar among watchers.

Chris Harrison, the host of the show, announced that he will be taking a temporary leave from the series, including the rest of James’ season. This announcement is related to the rumors surrounding Kirkconnell, as he apparently defended her side of the story.

Junior Danielle Lancaster offers her prediction about who she thinks James is going to pick and her overall thoughts on the season.

“This season has been such a roller coaster,” she said. “I can usually tell who is going to be in the top four from the first few episodes. This season was a little harder to predict because there were a lot of women on the show, and some women even entered the show a few weeks into the season. I knew Rachael would go far [in the show], and I was right. She may even win.”

The Women Tell All recently aired on Mar. 1 and gave perspective on certain aspects of the show. Essentially, this episode of the series is where all of the women James sent home come together and argue. The portrayed “villains” of the season spoke their minds on their side of the story. Victoria Fuller, arguably one of the meanest women on the season, was portrayed in a negative light because of the way she treated the other women. She tried to defend herself in the episode, but most of the women were unforgiving.

The members of the Pharcyde like Springs the most, but predict Kirkconnell is going to win. She has had James’ heart since the beginning of the season. They have the strongest and most obvious connection of the remaining three women. 

You can catch the finale of season 25 of The Bachelor on ABC on Monday night at 8:00pm.