Review: Niko’s Greek Kouzina


Nadia Poncy

New Greek restaurant Nikos Greek Kouzina has just opened in Tequesta in the past few weeks receiving many positive reviews in the short time since its opening.

The new greek restaurant Nikos Greek Kouzina just opened a few weeks ago in Tequesta, and it has already received numerous positive reviews, so I had to test it out myself. It’s safe to say that I was slightly disappointed as I had been expecting more from the reviews I had read previous to going to the restaurant. 

The atmosphere was cute and encapsulated a Greek vibe from the blue and white colors of the flag to the music that was being played. I liked the vibe, but it was a little too bright in the restaurant for my liking making it not as romantic of a setting as I would have hoped. It was very very white inside the restaurant and almost blinding due to the high intensity of lighting. 

Nonetheless, the restaurant was clean and the staff was very friendly and consistently made sure my glass of water was always full. In addition to the staff being very friendly, the service was impeccable as the food was prepared very fast that we ordered and was still very good. 

I ordered a bunch of appetizers to split amongst the table all of which explained why the reviews had been so positive as each appetizer was amazing. My personal favorite was the “Spanakopita” because it was perfectly crispy and tasted amazing. The “Saganaki” cheese dish was also very tasty and came with a bit of fun as the waiter who served it shouted “Opa!” as he plated the dish in front of us. The calamari was a fan favorite at the table, but it was lacking a little flavor. It was still very good, but it wasn’t the best calamari I had. 

Unfortunately, the main course that I ordered was lacking in comparison to the appetizers. I ordered the “Gyro’s Platter” which consisted of gyros and sides of fries and green beans. The green beans did not look appealing at all, but the fries were decent given that it was not their specialty on the menu. What disappointed me were the gyros themself as they did not taste very good at all and the texture was a bit too rubbery for my liking. They had good flavor and were definitely not lacking in it, but these were far from being the best I have had. 

If I were to go back, I would most likely order something different or stick to ordering a bunch of appetizers which I really enjoyed. I most likely will be going back given the close vicinity the restaurant is to my house and how good the spanakopita was. In all honesty, I would just go back for the spanakopita because I loved it was very tasty. 

All in all, I enjoyed my time at Nikos and am glad that a new greek restaurant opened in Tequesta and not another italian restaurant. While not the best greek restaurant I have been to, it is still very appetizing, and I would definitely recommend friends and family to give it a try.