Chillin n’ Grillin Week Ushers in Final Weeks of Semester


Mr. Carr winds up in attempt at dunking Dean Kevin Jacobsen in the dunk tank.

Originally called Rebound Week in reference to basketball season,  Chillin and Grillin week has been a Benjamin tradition since the early 2000s, and is often considered a student favorite. 

Also known as CnG, the week consists of many activities and dress-down days divided into themed days. 

As always, the Student Council played a large part in organizing and hosting this year’s event. 

“All of the Student Council members came together to plan each of the days and the events and the themes of the days. It was a little bit stressful trying to plan all of it while following Covid-19 guidelines and safety requirements,” said Junior Class Representative Sydney Steinger.

As this is Mr. Hoy’s first year as sponsor for the Student Council, it was sometimes quite stressful for him to coordinate all activities. 

“The days leading up to events, no matter how big or small, is the most stressful part. It definitely consumes my mind and can be distracting as I want it to work out perfectly,” Hoy said. 

On Monday, Apr. 5, students wore their favorite jerseys, whether they represented teams from football, soccer, basketball, or baseball. Continuing the theme of sports, to end the day, students participated in a basketball competition. In the championship game, the Sophomores overcame the Seniors. 

On Tuesday, Apr. 6, Twin Day, students took the opportunity to dress as a twin, triplet, or even a quadruplet with their friends. Some even took the opportunity to twin with teachers. Junior Catherine Civitella decided to twin with economics and social studies teacher Dr. Hope Myers.

Wednesday, Apr. 7, was Meme Day. Students dressed as their favorite memes or ones they think are funny (and school appropriate). 

A meme is a type of idea, behavior, or style spread via the Internet for humorous purposes. Memes can spread from person to person via social networks, blogs, direct email, or news sources. 

Wednesday afternoon concluded with a “Just Dance-off.” Just Dance has been a childhood video game that includes dancing and following movements with the animated characters on a screen. The Just Dance-off many have enjoyed because it brings back memories of the student’s childhoods. 

Juniors Carter Stewart and Brock Roe out-moved the competition, winning a pair of tickets to this year’s prom courtesy of Ms. Ford and the Prom Committee.

Tropical Thursday, Apr. 8, was highlighted by a longer lunch period and the traditional bbq. Burgers, BBQ sandwiches, chips, and drinks were doled out by members of the Student Council. Ice pops finished off the meal.

After eating, students enjoyed watching Upper School Dean Mr. Jacobsen the dunk tank so much during the extended lunch period right before Spring Break, the Student Council decided to bring it back to Chillin and Grillin week. 

CnG week ended on Friday, Apr. 9, with a spirit day and field day competition. Students wore Benjamin spirit wear, consisting of orange and blue from headwear to blow-up colored costumes. Field day events included an egg toss and tug-of-war.  

Steinger said, “because we missed out on a lot of the activities this year, I think that Chillin and Grillin week is really important because it brings the school community together, and it is a time for us to have fun because we have been limited to certain activities due to Covid-19 and I think that it helps unite the upper and underclassmen together.” 

All of these activities during the ‘chill’ week have brought the Upper School into a more close community where students can be themselves and be reminded that school can be fun and inclusive for everyone.