Fishing becomes popular new lunch activity


Mr. Carr shows off the bass he caught in the lake.

Sophia Liporace, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Fishing poles have become available to recreationally catch fish in the lake during the school day; this phenomenon has taken the Benjamin community by storm as administrators, teachers, and students have taken up fishing by the lake during lunch and free periods. 

In an email on Mar. 24, Dean of Students Mr. Kevin Jacobsen announced that six fishing poles would be available for use throughout the day to “make lunch more enjoyable and emphasize the importance of getting outside and taking a mental break.” 

Despite the troubling circumstances brought to the school by COVID-19, the administration has been making their best efforts to make the school year more enjoyable, and these fishing poles are just another way to make the average school day a little more fun.

Immediately after the announcement, students and faculty began to send pictures of their fresh catches to the whole Upper School community. Head of the upper school Mr. Fletcher Carr, senior Julia Lubarsky, senior Andrew Weisz, and sophomore Kelvin Rolle were all quick to hop on the email chain to show off their impressive catches. 

Fishing has grown so popular at school that junior Trey Parker has decided to spearhead a fishing club dedicated to fishing during lunch and after school. The club is also planning to pursue saltwater fishing trips as well.

“Since a lot of students seem really interested in fishing, it seemed like a good idea to create a club so that everyone could learn how to better their skills and we could all enjoy fishing together,” said Parker in an email.

Mr. Jacobsen thinks that the introduction of the activity has been beneficial in bringing him closer with the students at School.

“I’ve gotten to know many students much better while teaching them how to fish because that sense of authority can be put aside for a few minutes and we can work together and learn from each other.  I never thought it would become what it has, and I hope we can keep this momentum building to where it’s a staple of clubs and activities we offer here.  I love fishing, so to be able to do it at Benjamin with our students during the school day is perfect,” he said. 

Along with Mr. Jacobsen, Mr. Carr thinks that the fishing activities have done great things to bring together the community as a whole. 

“The Upper School’s addition of fishing to the lunch program has been a great community piece.  I have loved watching students work with other students on the finer points of casting or knot-tying–and I know I have gotten to know students who I have not yet had a chance to engage with during this really weird year. Whether it has been students catching their first fish ever or someone hauling a huge bass out of the lake, it has been a really fun few weeks,” said Mr. Carr.