Prom ’21: A Night In New Orleans


Nadia Poncy, Social Media Director

On April 24th, Mrs. Ford and the Prom Committee did a wonderful job capturing A Night in New Orleans at this year’s prom as there were beautiful decorations, gambling opportunities, and, of course, a very fun trolley ride. The night was a great way for students to enjoy at least one tradition in this dysfunctional year before the school year ends.

One senior that was very much appreciative of the event was senior Alex Michelon who was upset at not being able to have junior prom last year. 

He said, “I thought it was amazing that even under such difficult circumstances the prom committee was able to put together such a great event. I loved the trolley and the casino even though I lost all my chips playing BlackJack.”

The prom took place this year outside of Benjamin Hall where there was a cute setup that made it feel like you were at a New Orleans Cafe. The event had to be at school unlike at an outside venue like in previous years because of COVID-19, but the location actually worked out very well. Inside of Benjamin Hall, there were Casino tables where students were able to play all night long if they desired. The gambling tables were definitely the biggest hit both due to the Air Conditioning that it was in and the amount of fun students had while playing it.

Prom Committee Chair Caelan Brindise alongside her fellow committee members worked very hard to put together the event this year and were very happy with the outcome.

“I feel like the night went really well and everyone was pleasantly surprised with how good the prom turned out. Everyone seemed to enjoy the casino too,” she exclaimed.

The one downside of prom having to be partly outside due to Covid restrictions was that it was hot out, but, fortunately, it cooled down as the night went on, and you could always go into Benjamin Hall to cool down if you needed to.

Brindise also commented, “The one thing I would have changed was to maybe try to encourage a little more dancing, there was a good amount but I felt like there could have been more.”

Though attendance was a bit of a worry prior to the event as some students were debating on going because of COVID-19, there turned out to be a great turnout of students some of which included students from outside of school.

Head of School Mr. Fletcher Carr noted, “A big thank you to those of you who made it to Prom on Saturday night. While the evening may have featured a Prom few of us saw coming over the year, the amazing thing is that we were able to pull it off beautifully, enjoy it, and include friends and dates from many other schools in the area.”

Mrs. Ford and the Prom Committee were definitely under a lot of stress these past few months planning a prom that was still being questioned on whether or not it could even happen. Fortunately, the school was able to have prom and the girls on Prom Committee definitely made the most of what they could given the limitations that this year presented. We all owe huge thank yous to both Mrs. Ford and the girls on Prom Committee for putting on such an amazing event.