It’s Not a Wave, It’s a Nod

Nadia Poncy, Social Media Director

Though my tenure on The Pharcyde was not as long as my two fellow peers, Molly Fried and Skyler Zur, I still thoroughly enjoyed my time being on the Upper School paper.

I loved all the constant chaos that ran throughout the classroom as we all tried to finish our next edition by deadline, and I especially loved the people I was able to work alongside with.

Mr. Didsbury was a great person to work under even just for a semester. He was one of the first people to truly sit down with me and tell me the best ways to improve my writing. It was encouraging to hear that I had potential because I had always thought my talent in school was only in math and science, never writing. Mr. Didsbury, or Mr. Dids as we liked to call him, allowed me to see that I had just as much potential with writing as I had in other subjects.

I also want to especially thank Doc for everything he did for me and the advice he gave me over the past year. He pushed me past my limit and even drove me a little crazy at times, but it was all for the best because I wrote some of my favorite pieces with his guidance this past year.

I initially took Expository Writing during my second semester junior year because it was the only class that would fit in my schedule, but it turned out to be one of the best classes I took during my high school career. I learned so much about the power of the media and the way the school works. I recommend the class to anyone that is interested in writing and communications. My time on the newspaper has taught me so much and has even inspired me to continue to pursue writing as I venture into college next year.

I wish the best of luck to my fellow Pharcyde folks and hope the paper continues to thrive!