Lunch System Continues With a Taste of Something New

Joey Tomassetti, Managing Editor

Lunch is the most important class of the day for some students. With COVID-19-era protocols waning, this year’s “class” is going to look a bit different from the one that was served for the last three semesters.

“Lunch was a challenge last year for many reasons, but I think we constantly evolved the process to make it better for everyone. It certainly wasn’t perfect, like everything else last year, but students were fed good food on a regular basis and no one went hungry,” said Upper School Dean of Students Mr. Kevin Jacobsen.

That “good food” comes from local vendors. With student tastes shifting away from Tropical Smoothie as last year progressed, the School has decided to pursue a new vendor for this year’s rotation: Publix Subs. As the school year gets underway, the weekly lunch offerings are:

Monday: Jersey Mike’s

Tuesday: CR Chicks

Wednesday: Sal’s Pizza

Thursday: Chick-Fil-A

Friday: Publix Subs

The preorder process will continue this year, but students will notice changes in where lunches are served. 

“Lunch will be distributed from the gym concession stand this year.[…] The concession stand in building 2 will open again for snacks and drinks, and students will be able to use Bucpay there. The timeline of that being opened has not been finalized yet, but it should be within the first few weeks of school. Also, delivery orders from UberEats and things like that will no longer be allowed as it was a special concession last year,” said Mr. Jacobsen.

Senior privilege will allow seniors to go off campus once again for lunch. Prior to last year, seniors were able to travel to different places to get their lunches, as long as they were back for the next period.

Lunch will most certainly be an easier process this year, as things seemingly return to normal. It also helps that the majority of students have become familiar with the process from last year.

“I liked the lunch last year because it provided me with a lot of different options from different, good restaurants. I’m looking forward to the new and old options this year,” said tenth-grader Zach Neidoff.

“Students and their families have gotten used to pre-ordering food, the vendors will be largely the same, and we no longer have to worry about contact-tracing, spacing etc. while students eat lunch. It will largely go back to normal, which I have never seen, and I’m happy we have gotten to this point,” said Mr. Jacobsen.

Lastly, Mr. Jacobsen applauded the TBS students for handling the lunch situation as well as they did last year:“I will always be grateful to our students for their patience and willingness of the faculty to adjust as we saw a need or an opportunity to change the process for the better.”