Cross Country Gets Off to a Running Start


Matt Marasco

Cross country runners lap the track during August practices.

Matt Marasco, Editor-in-Chief

After a disappointing end of the season impacted by multiple players getting quarantined, both the girls and boys cross country teams are returning to the track with high hopes.

Led by Matt Postman, and Ryan Hendi the boys’ cross country team had their first practice on August 9, but the runners have already been putting in “mileage over the summer to break away from the other schools” according to the head coach Mr. Nicholas Cramer.

For both teams, this year will feature plenty more meets after the drought of races this past year. These meets will hopefully also be against multiple other schools rather than just one like last year.

“I am very happy that there will be more teams running this year since it gives me more competition to make me work harder,” said girls’ team captain Ali Brown.

Both teams have a practice schedule that consists of meeting after every school day at 3:30. These practices consist of stretching, getting warmed up, then practicing events for meets.

“I believe with good practice comes good performances, and that’s why I push myself to put my best foot forward during practice,” said senior Ryan Hendi.

With COVID-19 numbers being up, the cross country team is hoping to not be affected but knows it will be a prominent player in how their season comes out.

“Covid will absolutely impact our season, but the real question is to what degree. Ideally, we will only have to follow everyday guidelines. I would hate to have a repeat of last year where key players got sidelined during the postseason by Covid,” said Mr. Cramer.

Although any player can sign up for cross country, the coaches look for few individuals to run in the most important events.

“This is a tough sport both physically and mentally. Not many people want to run six miles in a 100 degree heat index. Successful cross country runners must be great teammates and carry each other through tough practices,” said girls’ head coach Mr. Bob Hohnadel

Both teams have one goal, to win states. After 32 years of coaching Coach Hohnandel has made plenty of impressive runs to the state finals, although he has never been able to win them. According to Coach Hohnadel, “this is our year to win, with this amazing team and coming up just short last year I believe we can do it.”

Both teams are more than excited to get back out on the track and showcase their skills, and for some like team captain Ali Brown, this will be their last chance to win states in high school. Hopefully, both teams will not have any major hiccups and be able to show their true potential.