Polyglot Diaz David Joins Languages Department


Mr. Diaz David

A native of Cuba, Mr. Juan Diaz David is fluent in three languages: English, Spanish, and French. Joining the World Languages department, he replaces long-time Spanish teacher Sra. Casiano, who retired at the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

Evan Liberman, Managing Editor

Como se dice hors d’oeuvre in English? The newest addition to the world language department, Mr. Juan Carlos Diaz David, can definitely help you out.

Mr. Diaz David is no stranger to The Sunshine State; most recently, he taught French at Alliance Française–an international organization that promotes French culture and teaches the language all around the world–in Miami. At the same time, he worked for tutoring company Varsity Tutors, where he helped students of all ages learn French and Spanish.  

However, Mr. Diaz David has had an extensive teaching career all around the world. He began teaching in 2006 in his native country of Cuba. He then spent some years in Montreal, Canada, where he taught French to adult immigrants at the Ministry of Immigration and Integration of Quebec. 

Interestingly, in 2017, he was looking to immigrate to the United States and applied to teach at Benjamin, but ultimately decided to remain in Canada for just a bit longer. Four years later, Mr. Diaz David has realized that it is the place for him.

“I immediately knew that I really wanted to teach in this school because of the high-level college-preparation and the variety of programs offered to students, as well as the community spirit advocated. Furthermore, my family and I were looking to live in an exceptional city, with plenty of sun all year round, and a beautiful environment. TBS is making this dream come true,” he wrote. 

In fact, Mr. Diaz David plans to capitalize on what the local area has to offer. “I love to get in touch with nature,” he said. “I enjoy going camping and hiking with my friends and family. I also like to bike and to discover new places and bike trails,” he added. 

Additionally, Mr. Diaz David is excited to offer all of his skills to Benjamin students. “I look forward to transmitting my passion for language teaching and learning, and I certainly hope that my students will learn as much as possible, both in the academic setting and beyond. Besides, I am confident that I will make my best effort to serve TBS, and particularly the world language department, in every possible way,” he said. 

World Language Department Chair Señora Tejera Meade is looking forward to Mr. Diaz David’s arrival. “The world language department welcomes Mr. Diaz David. We are very excited for him to join our department and The Benjamin School.  I feel he will be a great addition and [I am] looking forward to working with him,” she shared.

So, como se dice hors d’oeuvre in English? According to Mr. Diaz David: “mouth-watering.”