Welcoming Mrs. Weitz to the School


Joey Tomassetti, Editor-in-Chief

As another year at the Upper School comes and goes, more new faces arrive for the School to welcome. Among these new additions to the Benjamin community is math teacher Mrs. Robin Weitz.

“I can’t wait to teach at Benjamin! I’m most looking forward to meeting all the students, and getting involved with the Benjamin community,” said Mrs. Weitz.

Originally from New Jersey, Mrs. Weitz was a college instructor at Georgian Court University, teaching computer science and mathematics for 22 years. Four years ago, she moved from New Jersey to Palm Beach County, in search of teaching in a private school environment.

She has taught many different math courses during her time teaching college students, after graduating from Georgian Court University with both a BA in mathematics and computer science and an MA in mathematics. She plans on teaching Pre-Calculus, Algebra II, and College Algebra in her first year at Benjamin.

“I have taught all levels of Mathematics at the college level, from Remedial Algebra to Topology. I started my teaching career at Georgian Court University as a TA, and then as an adjunct. I have also taught computer programming classes and game programming classes at the college level. I am a high school teacher as well, teaching computer programming and mathematics at a private school after I moved to Florida,” says Mrs. Weitz.

Chair of the Math Department Mr. Michael Ruggie Jr. thinks that Mrs. Weitz’s experience will allow her to ease right into the job without any problems

“Mrs. Weitz will bring experience to her classes. She has collegiate experience and has taught her Benjamin School classes before. There is going to be very little for her to prep for her courses. She has the ability to teach all levels of the curriculum and I look forward to having her join our math team!” says Mr. Ruggie.

Along with her overflowing resumé, Mrs. Weitz comes to Benjamin with some goals for herself and her students.

“I am hoping to instill a love of mathematics in my students and to show them the beauty of math and how it affects our entire world. I hope to become a mentor to my students, being there to help them with not only math but to teach them what I can and learn with them what I don’t already know,” says Mrs. Weitz.

Mrs. Weitz also wants to help her students with their future careers and living their lives to the fullest.

“I want all of my students to become whatever they strive to become, to be the person they truly want to be, and to have the knowledge to conquer problems in their lives as they go forward. I hope to be a teacher, a mentor, an inspiration, and most of all a trusted person that students can come to for encouragement, knowledge, and comfort,” says Mrs. Weitz.

Teaching seems to be a popular career in Mrs. Weitz’s family as she is married and has two children, both of whom are teachers. Her son is a college professor in Pennsylvania, and her daughter teaches at a school in Florida. In her free time, Mrs. Weitz enjoys painting and drawing.

It is safe to say that Mrs. Weitz is looking forward to starting her adventure at Benjamin, and she comes with a lot of experience and knowledge of teaching overall.