Outerbanks Season 2 Review


There’s nothing more exciting than watching teenagers go through obstacles of a lifetime.

The second season of the hit Netflix show, Outerbanks was released with 10 new episodes on July 30, 2021.

With more thrill and adventure, comes more criticism. As the show was first released on April 15, 2020 during quarantine, it soon became the most popular on Netflix just three weeks after release. 

In the first season of the show, five teenagers, John B, Sarah Cameron, Pope, JJ, and Kiaraset out to find gold that was lost at sea during a shipwreck. With many adventures, the teens had to go through many people and obstacles to locate the gold which was left off with a cliffhanger at the end as two teenagers of the group were left out at sea as a rough storm was approaching. 

In the most recent season, 2, Sarah Cameron and John B arrived in the Bahamas in search of the gold that Sarah Cameron’s father stole. 

Their next adventure was in search of a large gold cross that had been hidden from one of the Pope’s grandfathers for him to find. This large cross then contained a garment that was supposedly a healing garment. 

Every episode has a cliff hanger and new adventure which keeps the viewer wanting more.

Senior Lauren Straub says “ I really liked the show and began watching it the minute it got released. There is so much adventure in each episode, but I feel that they made it too much of a children’s show as no one actually dies.” 

Outerbanks isn’t just a show that one plays in the background, it is a binge-worthy spectacle Fans are should not and can not take their eyes off of ??????. 

According to tv parrot analytics, Outerbanks ranks at the 95.4th percentile in the Drama genre. This means Outer Banks has higher demand than 95.4% of all drama titles in the United States and the audience demand for Outer Banks is 5.8 times the demand of the average TV series in the United States in the last 30 days. 8.6% of all shows in this market have this level of demand.

Another Senior Lily Valentini criticizes the show, “I like the way the show introduced the new characters with C. Limbrey and Cleo, especially how they added Cleo back in in the last episode because she was a really good actress and played the role in the best way”.