The Up and Coming Nelk Program, A Golf Outlet



The Nelk Boys recently sat down with pro golfer Bryson DeChambeau to talk about the golf industry and launch their golf YouTube channel.

Matt Marasco, Editor-in-Chief

Recently, the PGA Tour and its players have been growing in popularity. This is a direct result of social media getting involved in promoting the sport and many new personalities entering the scene. On September 26th the USA Ryder Cup team won the tournament, this produced a growing social media presence on many players on the team. One of these players is Bryson Dechambeau, who has been growing his social media following with a youtube channel with over 170 thousand subscribers. He also has been working towards the PGA tour social media fund which is a 40 million dollar fund that goes to players who achieve the most social media “clicks”. This year, Tiger Woods is currently in the lead for the eight million dollar first place purse even though he has not hit a single ball this year due to his recent injury.

“Social Media presence has been a growing concern on the PGA tour, and with the new social media fund, it has been encouraging golfers like Dechambeau to go out of their way to promote the tour,” said senior Trey Parker.

After seeing the growing popularity of both the PGA tour and Dechambeau, the youtube group Nelk invited Bryson to come out to L. A and guest star on their Full Send Podcast and even film some youtube videos together. Nelk currently has seven million subscribers on youtube from doing funny pranks which many people find entertaining. After the interview with Dechambeau, Nelk announced that they were starting a golf youtube channel.

This channel would feature the famous Nelk boys taking golf seriously rather than doing pranks on golfers as they have done in the past. For one video, they announced they were going to caddy for Bryson Dechambeau on a real PGA tour even rather than his actual caddy. For another set of videos, they announced they were going to travel the country and play with different tour players and play different famous courses. This channel brings the funny background of Nelk into the world of golf. Not only is this good for Nelk as they enter a whole new side of the youtube audience, but it is also great for the game of golf as Nelk influences many young people.

“ I watch Nelk all the time and love their pranks, so when I saw that they were creating a golf channel I was more than excited. Golf is my favorite sport and to see such a big group join the content creation side of it can only be good for the future of golf,” said sophomore JPaul Jacobs.

After announcing the channel, Nelk gained 170 thousand subscribers overnight which shows how popular the channel will be. As they plan to release more and more videos on the channel, golfers everywhere can be excited.

The Up and Coming Nelk Program, A Golf Outlet