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When we think about our loved ones we never see darkness in them, and we are oftentimes blinded by their bright side, but many of us forget that anyone is capable of unimaginable things. Benjamin’s school production of “All My Sons” tragically depicted the story of the Keller family through sorrow and emotional interactions showing the cruelty of the human nature.

This dramatic play written by Arthur Miller premiered on Broadway in 1947 and closed in 1949. It is based on a true story and narrates the story of Joe Keller, a businessman who purposely sent defective aircraft parts to the military causing the death of 21 pilots, including his own son Larry. Joe was able to hide the secret from other members of his family and blamed everything on his business partner, Herbert Deever, during the court case. As a result, Joe escaped from imprisonment and remained a wealthy and notable businessman.

The father Joe Keller, played by the actor Jacob Steinger fully comprehended his character and kept characterization throughout the entirety of the play. The mother Kate Keller, played by Katherine Rodgers had incredible stage presence and was believable at any moment during the show, due to her incredible physicality and tone. Every movement she made and the way she talked resembled the ones of an older woman.

Chris Keller and Ann Deever, played by Caden Quinn and Catherine Schenk respectively, both kept outstanding characterization and tone. The two also shared an incredible chemistry which was beautifully portrayed on stage because of how natural and spontaneous it felt.

The makeup of this show was overall well executed, I especially loved how the hair of some of the female actors playing male roles were tied back and covered by a hat, some of them also had a beard which helped portray a more manly look. From the audience perspective the age makeup for some of the actors was barely visible, however the styling of hair and their color compensated the lack of facial make up.

In conclusion, this tragic American story was exceptionally brought back to life by the Benjamin School’s production of “All My Sons” which truly left the audience stupefied, like a roaring sound of thunder in the middle of the night.

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