West Boca Raton High’s Marcos Ortiz

All My Sons takes us back to the life of the Kellers in New England in 1946. This play was written by Arthur Miller and is based on a true story that Miller’s mother-in-law at the time pointed out to him in an Ohio newspaper. The newspaper story described the Wright Aeronautical Corporation based in Ohio, conspired with army inspection officers to allow faulty aircraft engines meant for military use. Miller then wrote this play and published it in 1946, with it premiering on Broadway on January 29, 1947 at the Coronet Theatre in New York City.

The lead actors portrayed these characters very well. Joe Keller, played by Jacob Steinger did an extraordinary job in this role. His relationship with Chris, Caden Quinn was immaculate. Their father-son relationship felt very natural and flowed amazingly. Steinger also did an amazing job with his characterization, particularly in the secretive manner he acted in Act 1. I also loved how Steinger could transition in tone so well. In scenes where the tension was higher, he was able to transition from that to a lighter tone. Another person that was able to do that well was, Kate Keller, Katherine Rodgers. Rodgers’s more dramatic scenes were executed very well. The emotion in those scenes was felt and one could identify with how she felt. Her inflection and diction were also well-executed. Her southern accent brought her character to life and brilliantly executed her character.

A round of applause for the supporting actors. Chris Keller, Caden Quinn did a phenomenal job. He made Chris Keller as real as possible. On top of him having excellent comedic timing, he also was amazing in his more emotional scenes. In scenes, with George, I could feel the tension between the two. George, Casey Crawford, embodied this role so well. I could feel the anger that George had with the Keller family and brought it. George’s relationship with Ann was also very natural and fluid. There was no awkwardness between the actors and the relationship could remind one of a real brother/sister relationship. Ann Deever, Catherine Schenk deserves a huge round of applause for her wonderful portrayal. The emotion in the third act was immaculate and one couldn’t even tell she was acting. Overall, the entire cast deserves a standing ovation for their outstanding performance.

The Benjamin School’s performance of All My Sons was phenomenal. This cast took a real event in history and put it on a stage and killed it.

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