West Boca Raton High’s Mikaylah Obrien

The show, “All My Sons” presented by The Benjamin School, transported us back to the time period of 1947 after World War Two. In World War Two, many innocent lives were lost and this show shared how the war had an effect on people. We are shown the lives of the Kellers and how they face a plethora of conflicts.

This play was written by Arthur Miller and was published and performed in 1947. This show has had many revivals and was even awarded with a Tony Award for Best Revival of Play in 1987.

Jacob Steinger grabs the audiences attention by using his comical but free flowing tone and mannerisms. Joe Keller (Jacob) had great development throughout the play. His character starts off as quite happy go lucky and honestly seems quite innocent, but as the story progresses the character begins to get more anxious and you can he is starting to become uncontent with himself. Jacob does a great job displaying that through his spacial awareness and blocking choices. He also uses the projection of his voice to his advantage to in fact show when he is not happy about something. Jacobs great distinction of character can leave the audience wanting more.

Caden Quinn did a phenomenal job at portraying the character Chris Keller. By using articulation and certain gestures, his character became stronger as the show went on. Not only did Chris do such a great job, but also did Catherine Schenk who is playing Ann Deever. I enjoyed the chemistry these two characters had on stage. You could tell they were absolutely head over heels for each other and it helped you get a better sense of what their characters were like. Both of their characters kept a consistent energy throughout the show. The two gave a stellar performance which I’ll never forget.

Katherine Rodgers embraced her role as Kate Keller. In this show, Katherine is playing an older woman and she convinced the audience that she was that age. Her mannerisms and her vocal tone gave her a step up when it came to seeing the maturity of the character. This character added a lot of profundity to the show as the plot thickened and it made for some tense moments onstage; especially when Kate and Joe fought towards the end of the show. Katherine delivered the role of Kate in a natural and realistic way that I didn’t know could be done.

The technical aspects added tension and depth to a variety of scenes throughout the show. I thought the makeup definitely added to what time period they were in and made it seem even more believable then it already was.

The Benjamin School produced an absolutely fantastic version of “All My Sons”.

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