Wrestling Hits the Mats

The JV Wrestling team gathers for a picture at the Jensen Beach

Mr. German

The JV Wrestling team gathers for a picture at the Jensen Beach Tournament.

Matt Marasco, Sports Editor

Wrestling is a sport that does not get as much attention as other sports, but that does not mean that it is not as exciting. This year, with many more wrestlers than ever, the team feels confident with a chance to win more than years past.

“We have high expectations this year. This will be the largest roster of any Benjamin wrestling team in the school’s history. I am looking at having a wrestler at all 13 weight classes, also a first in the last decade. The team’s leadership is also the strongest
in my tenure with the program. There are five seniors and nine returning lettermen from previous seasons,” said wrestling coach Fred German.

Not only does the team have high expectations because of the large roster, but the team also has put great effort into preparing for the season individually. The wrestlers have been weightlifting, conditioning, and
working on their form. This is also the first year there will be an official girls division that is attracting more girls than ever to the sport.

“I am working hard to win the girls’ state competition this year. I am super excited and pumped as this is the first year there will be an official girl’s division. I plan to condition after practice and alternate mornings for endurance and strength,” said senior Teresa Tuong.

Although getting prepared for the season helps with individual success, coaching is one of the main parts of a team’s success. With the addition of many new wrestlers coaching is leading to the development of the form which is leading to success in their
practices. Coach German believes that a hands-on approach with the wrestlers is the best way for them to learn, so he makes sure to be involved in every aspect of practice.

“Coach Fred teaches us vital moves needed to succeed in the sport. Under his guidance, everyone on the team learns quickly as he is great at explaining new moves. His coaching gives us the ability to wrestle better than ever,” said sophomore David Scarola.

Often during the winter, wrestling gets overshadowed by sports such as soccer and basketball, which leads to many wrestlers believing their sport deserves more attention than it gets.

“I believe wrestling should get more attention since it is a sport back on the rise with the growing numbers, and it shows more passion and energy than other sports which is definitely fun to watch. I would love to see the student section comes to a couple of matches and cheer us on,” said sophomore Charlie Noble.

As the team is better than ever with 31 total wrestlers on the team including nine middle schoolers, Coach German decided to make the schedule harder than ever to make the team prepared for the toughness that is seen in the district, regional, and state finals. Although the finals are not a guarantee, the team is making sure that if they get there, they will be ready to win it all.