Personal Statements from The Class of 2022

Caden Quinn

It's purple and green twine, with three alternating segments of about half an inch long to make six total inch long segments of purple and green. Then it leads into an intertwining of individual strands to make a mash of those two colors, which leads to a knot, tying it comfortably around my wrist. Although it used to be a lush green and royal purple, it has faded to a bleaker version of both color...

Robyn Duncombe

An Explosive Start. For two days the bombardment of my island left only destruction. Much of the Bahamas was obliterated by Hurricane Dorian. Few homes were strong enough to withstand the storm. The destruction of my home, left only partially standing, made my family homeless and forced us to flee. Yet, we were the lucky ones — those that had survived and were not seriously injured or killed....

Emma Hardyman

I started singing, writing songs, and performing in middle school, and I realized being on stage was exhilarating because it was where I felt most deeply connected to myself. I’m an emotional person, so when I felt a certain emotion, I’d sit down with my guitar and put words to it because that was the best way of expressing myself.  However, as I got older, adolescence wiped out the confidence I�...

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