Girls Soccer Wins Regional Quarterfinals; Sets Sights on a Semifinals Victory


Photo courtesy of the Athletic Department

The girls’ soccer team celebrated their district championship win over Oxbridge Academy on Feb. 2. Less than a week later, the team followed up with a 2-0 win in the regional quarterfinals on Feb. 8.

Tvisha Goel, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The quarterfinals for the girls varsity soccer team took place on Feb. 8, with Benjamin taking on another win.

The soccer team scored one goal within the first 30 minutes of the start of the first quarter, and remained that way for a majority of the game.

The team was able to hold a 1-0 score for a majority of the game much thanks to the defense, consisting of senior Reagan Rodriguez, freshman Sam Woods, junior Maddie Popilek, and junior Cameryn Grissman.

Fans in the stands had some input of their own throughout the game. Senior Kate Small, there to watch her two friends, Rodriguez and senior Lily Valentini, used to play on the JV girls soccer team in the fall.
She said, “The defense is playing really well. They are rushing to the ball and getting out really fast, so I’d say it’s pretty good.”

Senior Sydney Steinger, also there to support her friends on the varsity team chimed in, saying, “I think [Rodriguez] is doing really well on defense.”

An important game such as the quarterfinals is often accompanied by nerves, which Popilek admitted affected the game in the beginning. “I think at the beginning of the game, we were a little bit nervous, and so we weren’t connecting well. And so then towards the end, I think we finally got our ground and we were able to pass well and eventually connected together on the field,” she said.

Sophomore Lily White, who plays right forward, also said, “We’ve just really started to play as a team, and it’s really fun to play and watch.”

High expectations were set for the girls soccer team after winning district finals against Oxbridge for the first time in 5 years last year, which was followed by the girls getting to the regional semifinals. The girls will once again enter the semifinals for regionals, hoping to progress on to the regional finals.
Previous games always shine on areas of improvement for the future games. Popilek said that today showed her that she thinks the team should work together to improve on “connecting passes better as well as finishing shots since the team has a lot of shots on frame, but they just don’t go in.”

Nonetheless, this is a big win for the girls varsity soccer team, especially for the seniors of the team. Senior Lily Valentini said, “Being a senior this season and being fortunate enough to make it this far means so much. The team has some of the best chemistry I have ever seen, and it makes it so fun to show up and win.”

The girls soccer team has the Benjamin community’s best wishes for their upcoming game in the regional semifinals, wishing them all the best on the field, in their feet, and none in their hands.