Boys’ Soccer Team Nets Postseason Wins


The boys’ varsity soccer squad celebrated their district championship on Feb. 3. The team followed up with a decisive 4-1 win against King’s Academy in the regional quarterfinals on Feb. 9. The Bucs faced West Shore in the regional semi-finals on Saturday, who defeated Lake Placid 2-1 in the regional quarterfinals. The Bucs carried momentum into this game following their crushing victory over King’s, as they have had their best season in years.

Tvisha Goel, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The boys’ varsity soccer regional quarterfinals game took place on Feb. 9 on the Theofilos field. The boys’ soccer team will be advancing to the regional semifinals on Feb. 12 for the first time in six years.

Benjamin’s boys’ varsity soccer squad won 4-1 against King’s Academy. The boys’ soccer expresses its excitement as they approach the semifinals, having been a very long time since reaching this point in the postseason.

Senior Gavin Coleman, a defender for the team, said, “Obviously huge. I mean, we’ve been working on this for years. We’ve lost every time in the semi-finals so this is really big for the team and it’s really big for [senior Max Gelinas] who is sitting there watching and cheering us on.”

The four goals scored were scored by freshman Ford Cash, junior Luke Egizio, senior Jake Zur, and senior Gavin Coleman, respectively.

Zur, who plays midfield, said, “It feels really great to win quarterfinals. You know, we haven’t won in a while. This is our first year getting past the district semi-finals and now we are in the regional semi-finals, so it feels pretty good. I also scored the third goal of the game and that felt pretty awesome especially because it was my first goal of the season.”

Senior Marco Chojnacki played attacking midfield in the quarter-finals. He said, “So I would say that after every year, the past three years, we would say, Okay, our senior year, we’re gonna have this like in the bag, like we can do this. And now it being our senior year, and being able to actually go through and now when our quarter regionals That’s a great feeling. And I kind of do with our team, we have I think, like, eight starting seven starting seniors. So I feel like it really all just came together the way we wanted to.”

Additionally, Chojnacki is up for nomination for Athlete of the Week awarded by the Palm Beach Post.

Chojnacki, nicknamed “Choj” by his team members, makes it a point to stay humble despite being considered for such a memorable award. When asked about how winning this game influences his likelihood of winning the award against other athletes, he said, “I would say that I don’t like to think about that. The guys, they like to joke about it. And I think that funny and all but I know that when it comes to the game that doesn’t really matter. Kings came out and they played a really strong first half. They didn’t care about player of the week, so I had to make sure that I went on not caring about it either.”