Mother-Son Duo Brings Meaning to the Term Benjamin Family


Facilities technician Mr. Juan Jaramillo has been working at the School since 2011 and has helped to keep Benjamin in a productive environment. Along with him, his mother, Ms. Josefina Garcia is an integral part of the Benjamin community, similarly keeping the school organized, as she helps clean around campus.

He has various necessary tasks at the school that include shipping and receiving packages as well as doing
work orders throughout the day. He started working for the cleaning company that Benjamin employs in 2009 and specifically for Benjamin two years later. Before that, he was a sub-
contractor for metal frame, drywall, and finish. Ms. Garcia is currently employed by the cleaning company that Mr. Jaramillo used to work for.

“She makes sure the school grounds are clean. She makes sure
everything is in order. She checks the bathrooms and makes sure it’s not a mess. I know it’s hard, but she does her best,” Mr. Jaramillo said of his mother.

Because they work for different companies, they do not necessarily work with each other all that often.

“I only get to work with her when we have an emergency response, and we go to solve the issue. That’s the only time we interfere,” Mr. Jaramillo said.

However, they still see each other every day when they cross
paths, according to Mr. Jaramillo. Additionally, Ms. Garcia appreciates what Benjamin has offered her. While she admits that they do not necessarily work together, she still enjoys being in his presence and
seeing him while working around campus, cleaning the doors and glass.

She finds the community accepting, appreciating her work. Mr. Jaramillo feels the students
have an immense impact on both his everyday work and his mother’s. He stated that he does not think the
meaning of his job would be the same without the impact of students.

“When we come to work and are around the students, they are very helpful to us and motivate us to do
more for them,” Mr. Jaramillo said.“We see a lot of respect from the students. We see the students appreciate what we do for them, and that’s our goal: to serve them and have a good school.”

Mr. Jaramillo loves working at Benjamin because of the impact he feels he has on the community.
Whether it be faculty, students, or other staff members, Mr. Jaramillo
enjoys helping as many people as possible.

“I chose to work at The Benjamin School because they value and appreciate what I do for the school. My favorite part about my job is that I’m able to do things like building sets and helping out when the students and faculty need me. I think I contribute to the school community by doing what I’m supposed to do with my work and being on task,” he said.

Both Mr. Jaramillo and Ms. Garcia have made a great effort to keep the school clean and functioning. Their hard work has not gone unnoticed by the students that see and interact with them every single day, creating an amazing work environment for them both.