Care Crew: A Benjamin Initiative Looking to Better the Community

Lucy Rubin, Staff Writer

A student organization that is truly making a difference, the Care Crew is a nonprofit started by Benjamin students who wanted to help strengthen their community. Originally a girl scout group led by Benjamin mother Mrs. Natalie Marx, Care Crew was created when some of the girls in the scout group were more committed to community service than just selling Samoas and Thin Mints. 

Mrs. Marx noted that the Care Crew has the mission to “focus on hunger, homelessness, personal care, and recently the added aspect of loneliness.” The volunteers of Care Crew are mostly Benjamin students, as the Girl Scout group that helped create the group was exclusively Benjamin students. However, as the group and organization has expanded, more students from schools around the Palm Beach Gardens community have joined and decided to help. The objective to get more students involved, both in and out of the Benjamin community, has been one of the values of the organization. 

Since the overarching objective is to help those Care Crew hopes to spread their awareness in both membership and charitable work from local work in Palm Beach County to internationally like helping those in Ukraine. The members of Care Crew have worked on multiple projects to help the community since its inception in 2019. 

The work of Care Crew has been broad in their efforts and have shown help throughout many different facets of society. Some of the nonprofit work that the Care Crew has completed includes collaborating with Dunkin Donuts to bring donuts and hundreds of books to Highland Elementary in Lake Worth, creating hygiene kits to provide for a mobile shower, working monthly at a soup kitchen and supplying food there, a water bottle and backpack drive for foster kids, and decorating a nursing home for Halloween. As time goes on, the Care Crew plans on continuing to help the community with charitable activities that help to spread care and kindness throughout society. 

Although COVID-19 halted the club’s work for some time, the group has recently revamped and has begun to help raise awareness and charitable donations to groups of people who are facing less fortunate circumstances around the world. The members of the organization are very hands-on in raising awareness for local and global causes.

As Mrs. Marx explains, “this is a youth run group, so they make decisions. We adults just help them execute.” On the same note, freshman and founding member Leah Klein discussed that the Care Crew has currently undertaken some important projects in their attempts at spreading care and kindness throughout society. One of the most recent projects that the Care Crew has taken on is their working on raising awareness and money for those suffering in Ukraine. 

Care Crew’s goals for the future, as Klein discussed, includes helping the community and encouraging other students to participate in the charitable efforts made by the organization.