New National Honor Society President Malmberg Lays Out Ambitious Goals


Skyler Malmberg, National Honor Society President

I am super excited to be president of the National Honor Society for the upcoming school year. Ever since I was inducted into the National Honor Society during the spring of my sophomore year, I have wanted to become a leader of this club to continue the work of the previous officers and to enhance the club in multiple ways. 

The National Honor Society focuses on recognizing students who have worked hard in multiple areas and represent the five pillars: knowledge, leadership, scholarship, service, and character. One of the main goals of the National Honor Society is to serve the community, which includes participating in events both inside and outside of our school. 

As president, I hope to work with the other officers to create more service opportunities to help better our community, as service is very important to both the club and myself. By partnering with service clubs inside the school and reaching out to organizations outside of the school that are in need of help, the members of the National Honor Society will be able to improve the community in multiple ways. 

Besides the goals that I have to improve what the National Honor Society can do to help others, I have multiple ideas to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of this organization. My main goal is to have a year of organization and effectiveness which I hope to accomplish by creating a clear line of communication between the officers and the members and devising new ways to organize information for meetings, inductions, and all things service. By making simple changes such as finding easier ways to take attendance, having more efficient meetings, and constantly communicating through emails, the National Honor Society will function more efficiently internally, allowing the members to effectively participate in service activities. By progressing the organization’s inner workings, more will be able to be accomplished that serves the community, which is a main goal of the National Honor Society. 

As president, I also hope to revive the Student of the Month Award as it is important to recognize students of our student body who are working hard, whether it be with service, academics, or leadership. With the hard work and dedication of myself and the other officers, I believe that we will be able to accomplish a lot that benefits both the members of the National Honor Society and the community. 

We have a fantastic group of officers that I know are dedicated to continuing what past officers have done and putting new ideas into place to enhance the club. For the National Honor Society, I anticipate a year of organization, clear communication, and lots of community service.