Georgetown Bound: Ms. Murray to graduate again, departing School for second time

Sophia Liporace, Co-Editor-in-Chief

After returning to Benjamin as a faculty member for two years, Ms. Alexandra Murray ‘15 will be leaving the Benjamin family to pursue a degree from Georgetown University’s Law School. 

Ms. Murray was an active member of the faculty throughout her recent time at Benjamin, coaching both the JV soccer and tennis teams as well as taking on multiple subjects in the social studies department. She taught World History, Government, and Introduction to to Law over the course of the past two school years.

Social Studies Department Chair Ms. Sara Misselhorn noted Ms. Murray’s significant professional contributions to the department.

“We were fortunate to have alumna Ms. Murray back at Benjamin for the past two years teaching, coaching, advising and widely participating in the Benjamin community.   She is passionate about history, and brought that into the classroom and to our history hallway each day,” she said.

Ms. Murray went through a lengthy but successful application process. She applied to several law schools and received acceptances to prestigious institutions like Vanderbilt Law School and University of Florida Levin College of Law, but she ultimately decided that Georgetown was the best fit.

Despite the difficulty of the process, Ms. Murray acknowledged that the School and the faculty were helpful in supporting her.

“My colleagues were supportive throughout the whole process, offering advice and a review of my materials. The school was also understanding in allowing me time to visit a few schools in order to make the best decision possible. I also valued the thoughts all of my students shared on this life decision,” she said.

In addition to her excellent teaching skills, Ms. Murray’s colleagues described her as a thoughtful, dedicated, and passionate educator whom they will miss in the coming school year.

“She is a caring person who brought enthusiasm, smarts and fun to the school, and especially the second floor of building 5. Her experience as a Benjamin student supported and propelled her insight and practice as a Benjamin faculty member.  We all enjoyed having her on ‘the other side,’” added Ms. Misselhorn. 

In turn, Ms. Murray stated that she will miss the liveliness of the Benjamin community, which has become home to her for several years.

“I will miss the support system. For the past two years, the Benjamin faculty – and the history department in particular – have been my best friends. I will miss their caring words and funny stories. I will miss the students’ upbeat attitudes and constant energy. No class is exactly the same, and they have made sure my days are always interesting,” she said.

Sophomore Evelyn Peyovich is one of Ms. Murray’s advisees and is aware of the impact Ms. Murray has had on her Benjamin experience.

“Ms. Murray has been the most amazing teacher and advisor. Even in the relatively short time I’ve been here, she’s been so supportive, kind, and welcoming as a teacher, advisor, tennis coach, and much more. I’ve learned so much from her, but the one thing that will stick with me the most is that teachers and authority figures can actually help you, and advisors can do just that,” she said.

While the Benjamin community will miss Ms. Murray, it appreciates her countless contributions, and The Pharcyde wishes her the best of luck as she continues her pursuit of knowledge.