Co-Editor-in-Chief Reflects on Growth, Accomplishments

Co-Editor-in-Chief Reflects on Growth, Accomplishments

Tvisha Goel, Co-Editor-in-Chief

When I first moved to Florida, I immediately knew I didn’t want to be here. I so quickly decided I wanted to, and needed to, leave, and I knew college was my one stop ticket out. But what I never saw coming was how much sorrow would overcome me while writing this, four years later. 

Being someone who is stubborn, I can often maintain a certain point of view that might not always come to my benefit. I thought I didn’t fit in and didn’t belong here, and I started off my high school career with such a negative mentality. 

But sooner or later, Florida, and Benjamin began to grow on me. I found my niche, and I no longer focused on wanting to leave. Instead, I began shifting my concentration on making the most out of my time here. And one group that truly allowed me to achieve my most potential at this school was The Pharcyde. 

This group has taught me so much throughout my high school career, and I am so grateful I joined this phenomenal gang because I wouldn’t have had the experience I did without every single one of the amazing jewels that The Pharcyde has produced.

Despite the incredibly challenging work I have had to accomplish in the three years I have been in the paper, it has helped me learn so many important life skills. I now understand the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone and talking to so many new people, of standing my ground when I feel strongly about an issue, of being patient and calm in the face of backlash, and most importantly, of teamwork and family. 

When I joined The Pharcyde, Mr. Dids became a quick favorite of mine. I will forever admire his way of teaching and how loved he was by everyone. I will never forget how he guided me to become who I am today and the role I play in the paper. He always used this phrase, “use your feet” with the writers, to push them to be better interviewers and journalists. To this day, when a writer complains about not being able to get interviews because no one responds, I will always quote Mr. Dids. I could not have asked for a better first mentor on my journalistic path. 

In my second year of Pharcyde, COVID hit, and I was stuck being a journalist through a screen. I could no longer use my feet, and I became separated from the group who was quickly becoming even closer. Unfortunately, I had to wait until my senior year to become reintegrated into the group, but the people that surrounded me made it easier to fall back to my sophomore year habits. 

Doc: I know we’ve had our differences this year, but I will forever be grateful to you. You have made me understand what it’s like for someone to always have my back. You will always defend me, and The Pharcyde, even if that means you are in trouble. From day 1, you have always pushed me to do my best. Even when I believe that I reached my potential, you tell me it’s not good enough, because you believe I can always do better than best. From this day forward, I will always think of you when I think that I’ve reached my best, so that I can keep setting newer and higher expectations and standards for myself. Thank you for teaching me never to settle.

Evan: Thank you for always making me laugh. I know sometimes we’ve gotten frustrated with each other, but through the highs and lows of the paper, you have always made it a light hearted experience. You have taught me how to take a breath and enjoy even amongst a bubble of stress and worry.

Sophia: You just completely amaze me every day. I will always remember in freshman year when I handed you your picture. I didn’t think twice about it. Now, I will always look back and be so thankful for having met you. You are funny, caring, loving, understanding, and just a wonderful personality to be around. Thank you for being such an awesome Co-Editor and an even better friend. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish at USC but I just know you will thrive there. Always reach for the stars, and beyond.

Charlie: I am so thankful to have gotten to know you this year. From FaceTimes where we’ve avoided work to FaceTimes where all we’ve done is sit in silence to finally do the work we avoided the night before to staying in Doc’s room until 11:30, I have seen you grow as a journalist just in this past year alone, and I know you’ve already stepped into the work of the Editor with grace and an amazing work ethic. You are set for great things, and I know The Pharcyde is in good hands. I just know that The Pharcyde is bound for success, and I can’t wait to see and hear all about it, but don’t forget to tell me all the mishaps and setbacks, so that I can say “good try”. 

The Pharcyde has played a large role in my life and my high school years, and is one of the big reasons why I am so happy to say college is a round trip.