Georgetown-Bound Liberman Thankful for Experience

Georgetown-Bound Liberman Thankful for Experience

Evan Liberman, Managing Editor


As I reflect on my time on The Pharcyde, it’s difficult for me to pinpoint what made me get involved in the paper. After combing through the memories of a very blurry freshman year, I was convinced to join the class by former Co-Editor-in-Chief Christian Baldari ‘20 and current Co-Editor-in-Chief Sophia Liporace–a staff writer at the time. 

Both of them swore that The Pharcyde was more than just a class: they told me it was a family within the Upper School. I had a hard time believing that, but I enjoyed reading the paper whenever it came out, and I enjoyed writing, so I gave it a shot. 

I came into Mr. Didsbury’s class the following year thinking I would be the paper’s go-to political columnist and writer. However, as the year progressed and I was exposed to different forms of journalism, I realized that I felt I had the greatest impact on the School community when I branched out of writing about the news and providing political commentary.  

In the intervening three years, I wrote about the School’s decision to not report students’ class rank, international and bilingual students’ experiences at the Upper School, and my perspective on the war in Ukraine. 

On The Pharcyde, I sharpened my journalistic craft and developed my own style. I learned more about the inner workings of the Upper School than I could have ever imagined. Most importantly, though, I had some of the experiences that would define my high school career and formed lasting connections with others. 

Doc: Thank you for sticking with the rest of the staff and me when times got tough. In the end, no matter how much more work we had left to do or how late at night it was, we could count on you to see everything through to the end. Thank you for trusting me with a leadership role on the paper and for letting my creativity develop.

Mr. Dids: While my first year on the paper was your last, I’m happy to have been able to work with you. Thank you for developing my journalistic skills when they were in their infancy and for being a mentor when I was new to the staff. I’ll always remember one layout day you called me into your office and told me that you knew I would be a valuable addition to the paper. 

Fellow editors and the rest of The Pharcyde staff: Thank you for the endless laughs, inspiration, and insight that you have provided me. During my tenure on the paper, we have experienced the highs and lows of working on the paper together–and that’s what has made it so enjoyable. We’ve been a team through thick and thin. I’m grateful for all of you and hope you continue to make the most of the positions you have to make a difference in the Upper School community. 

The past few years have certainly been a challenge: pandemic, isolation, and college admissions in an unbearably tough year. Throughout these challenging times, I’ve learned to revel in the challenges that life presents because they make the forthcoming successes all the more gratifying.