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Juniors Ben Swank, Nick Banner, Luca Balzano, and Nick Wolf take a quick picture before facing off in an epic video-game race during their Re-Orientation Day visit to Fun Depot.

Re-Orientation Recap: Juniors Kart Way to Fun at Lake Worth’s Fun Depot

Juniors and their advisors went on an exciting trip to Fun Depot last Thurs., Aug. 18. It was Re-Orientation day for all grades ninth through twelfth. Each class went to a different place in the area. This is the first year the event has taken place, and it was not easy to get the students around because of the high numbers in the freshman class. The event took place during the first week of school which was a fun start for all grades.

Upper School Academic Dean Mrs. Caroline Guzman, served as the group’s lead chaperone, filling in for Junior Class Dean  Ms. Colleen Donnelly.

“Fun Depot was chosen as a location that offered our students some Indoor/AC fun with the arcade games and laser tag, but something that is also a bit more heart-pounding and adrenaline-inducing with the Go-Karts,” said Mrs. Guzman. Fun Depot is within a 30 minute drive from campus, so it was not a far trip. The students were able to bond and play games and have a day free of schoolwork.

According to Guzman, “Students did have to wait to play a game of laser tag or stand in the go-kart line [due to the number of students], but generally, the wait was only one cycle. Since there were a lot of things for the students to do, they could keep themselves busy and wait for a shorter line before diving into laser tag or the go-karts.”

The teachers were not left out at all as they played games with the students. The games included laser tag, go-karting, and an abundance of arcade games as well. In Guzman’s opinion, “The best part of the day was getting to see the junior class hang out, talk, play, and laugh, all without cell phones for the entire three hours that we were there.”

All returning and new students were able to take part in Re-Orientation day. Junior Andrew Lappin says, “The best part of the trip was laser tag and being with friends and I think the event is really good for school spirit.” This event is a good event for the Benjamin community.

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