Student Sections Boosts Player’s Confidence and Abilities


The Benjamin Student Section shows out for their students and brings a great passion for the game.

Reid Waxman, Associate Editor

With school sports getting underway, fans have begun returning to football and volleyball games, filling the student sections of Theofilos Field and Healey Gymnasium, respectively. Every bit of spirit shown in the stands affects the players. This energy, along with the themes that are chosen by the Student Council at every home game, shows an eagerness for the Bucs to win. 

While the students have fun at games, teachers are able to see a different type of passion building around campus: love of learning transforms into love of learners. Dean of Students Kevin Jacobsen admires that students are cheering on each other and showing their support for their friends playing in the game.

The biggest things the student section brings are the school spirit and rooting on your classmates in athletics,” said Jacobsen, “They showcase how much our students support each other” he added.

The many fan-participation themes promoted by the Upper School Student Council helps the students have more enthusiasm about what they wear, what they bring, and their overall excitement about the game. 

“The students can focus more on the support with the theme,” said Student Council President and senior Owen Nutter, “It makes them feel like a part of the team.”

Whenever the volleyball team scores a point, there is immediate cheering and enthusiasm toward the team’s great play. Freshman and volleyball team captain Riley McCaughey feels the excitement at home games when the student section has different themes each game. 

“The student section makes me feel excited for home games,” said McCaughey, “They bring energy and make the games feel alive. I love seeing their creative ways to dress up and the new cheers every game.”

Although some coaches do not get affected by the energy from the student section, they are happy that the players are excited when they play. Head volleyball coach Alexandria Clarke notices the difference.

“The energy is not there when the student section is not there,” said Clarke, “The girls can celebrate a point with themselves on the court, but having their fans there with all of their ridiculousness helps the girls celebrate.”

Even though not as many points are scored in football as in volleyball, the football student section gets as raucous and excited as any other sport. 

“The student section definitely makes it easier to play, especially at home. It is motivating since you always want to do well around your peers and it motivates you to be a better player,” Senior middle linebacker Kelvin Rolle shared. 

Head football coach Eric Kresser thinks the attributes the student section brings help the players play well. 

“The student section is a big part of the school culture. It also gets the players energized and hyped up. The more noise, positive energy coming from the stands, the better the players show out on the field”  said Kresser.

With the volleyball team, football players, Dazzlers, and cheerleaders all benefiting from student support in the stands, members of the swim, golf, and cross country teams are looking forward to an equal, enthusiastic display of spirit at their upcoming events.