Friday: Class Themes


Gentlemen, Spider-Men, and More

Classes Vote Own Themes to Wrap Up Spirit Week

All throughout homecoming week, students and teachers dressed up according to their theme for that day. Friday was special because the students got to wear their grade-themed shirts. 

The freshman had the choices of Film Freshman, Funky Freshman, Festive Freshman, and Fancy Freshmen to choose from. They ultimately decided to choose Fancy Freshmen as their theme. 

The sophomores had the choices of Supreme Sophomores, Superior Sophomores, Savage Sophomores, and Sendy Sophomores to choose from. They ultimately decided to choose Sendy Sophomores as their theme.

The juniors had the choices of Joshin’ Juniors, Joe Juniors, and Jersey Shore Juniors to choose from. They ultimately decided to choose Jersey Shore Juniors as their theme.

The seniors had the choices of Skater Seniors, Sailor Seniors, Sporty Seniors, and Superhero Seniors to choose from. They ultimately decided to choose Superhero Seniors as their theme.

Students either got to wear their class shirts for that day or could dress up accordingly to their theme. Sophomore Johnathan Vidal thought that it was cool that the students could pick their theme.

“The different grades were able to choose which theme they wanted and were able to perfectly execute the creative shirt,” said Vidal, “I thought each grade represented their theme well.”

Starting off the day after the first period, there was a pep rally where senior and Student Council President Owen Nutter began by leading a scavenger hunt with the seniors winning. Then, the students played musical stairs, and senior Bella Garaj took home the win for the seniors. After that, Athletic Director Ryan Smith acknowledged all of the fall sports teams. The dazzlers then performed a dance for the school, then it ended with Student Council Vice President and senior Leo Byrne leading the school in a chant. 


Girl Power

Lady Bucs Clash in Powderpuff Matches

The event that took place today was Powder Puff, which is when the girls play football and the boys coach the girls. First, the freshman and sophomores played. The freshman came out on top with an overtime win, that took them to the championship. After that, the juniors and seniors played. The juniors won in overtime, sending them to the championship to play against the freshman. In the championship, the freshman won 10-7 and went home victorious. Freshman Avery Grande had fun winning the championship.

“I thought that it was fun since I loved the environment of the gym on that Friday,” said Grande, “It was funny that the girls were playing a sport that they didn’t play.”

The way that powder puff is so unique is how the girls play football and the boys coach their players. Sophomore Ford Cash enjoyed coaching the girl’s football games. 

“I had fun coaching the girls since I love football,” said Cash, “I blame the loss to the freshman on me and my coaching staff.”