A Legacy That Is Most Definitely Taylor-Made

Reflective Faculty Sends Regards As Director of Student Services Retires


The entire Benjamin School community sensed a shift last week as it was announced that Director of Student Services Dr. Amy Taylor would be retiring. Having spent the last several decades helping to shape The Benjamin School into the esteemed institution it is today, Dr. Amy Taylor leaves behind a legacy of empathy, experience, and excellence that can never be matched.
As the School still processes the news, The Pharcyde asked some of Dr. Taylor’s collegues and former students to share their initial feelings about her departure.

“I’d like to thank Dr. Taylor for the opportunity to work alongside her at the Benjamin School. Her work with DEI has had a tremendous impact in shaping and changing the culture of the school. She will be greatly missed, yet I’ll think of her in all my future endeavors and projects here.”
~Ms. Mays

“Since day one, when I started in 2002, Dr. Taylor has been the go-to person for everything for me. It’s going to be very hard for me to imagine The Benjamin School without her.”
~Mrs. Donnelly

Dr. Taylor’s dedication to The Benjamin School community could be seen in her constant, loving presence here supporting students throughout the day in her role as guidance counselor and in the extracurricular hours as a fan at sporting events and performances. My son still talks about her two years after leaving Benjamin, crediting her with helping him learn to advocate for and believe in himself. These are gifts she gave to many students. She represents the values Mr. and Ms. Benjamin established here decades ago and has always been an integral part of keeping Benjamin traditions alive.
~Mrs. Steiner

Dr. Taylor greeted me with such enthusiasm when I came to interview for the math teacher position in 2019 and made me feel welcomed and appreciated. Her genuine and loving character is absolutely amazing! Dr. Taylor is a wonderful mentor, colleague, and friend whom I will cherish forever. THANK YOU, Dr. Taylor, for giving so much of your time assisting students and teachers and guiding us all with your spirit of care and compassion. I will miss your “morning wave” as I walk from Building One to my classroom.
~Mrs. Priola

I will miss her waving to me each morning since she got here before the sun came up and her.. oh wait… I have something to talk to you about. Our school will miss out on a great resource. She knew every student, their families and background.
~Mr. Ruggie

Senora Taylor was my first teacher at the Benjamin School. I so vividly remember my first period class Spanish 1A (“Una A”) with her – she not only taught the fundamentals of language but also how to be a great student. Then, as an adult, Dr. Taylor is the reason why I have been a teacher at Benjamin – I called her when I lived in New York City about a history position that was open, and she gave my resume to the new head of the Upper School – Jay Selvig. Then ten years later after graduate school and related work, she called me back to Benjamin when a teacher left before the end of the year. This is what I admire most about Amy – she always supported teachers and the students, and held everyone’s best interests at heart. I will always appreciate her unwaverable support, and I will miss her terribly. All the best to you, Dr. Amy Taylor!
~Ms. Misselhorn

“I would like to congratulate Dr. Amy Taylor on her many years of service to The Benjamin School. Dr. Taylor and I go back a long time so I smile as I reminisce over the many experiences and fun times we had together, dating back to the year she first came to TBS. Dr. Taylor began as a Spanish teacher and then moved into the Student Services sector where she made such a tremendous impact in our School. While working on her doctorate, Dr. Taylor developed what is now the Middle School. She implemented many programs to help students succeed at TBS, while at the same time mentoring many of our student service counselors and specialists. Dr. Taylor will be missed and I wish her nothing but the best as she steps into retirement and into the next phase of her life. Thank you, Dr. Taylor, for your friendship, your professionalism and for being the advocate for many of our students. We are profoundly grateful for all of your hard work and for your love of The Benjamin School community.”
~Sara Salivar

Please add your own reflections on the impact Dr. Taylor had on you in the comments section below.