Good Girl, Bad Blood

Good Girl, Bad Blood

In Holly Jackson’s novel, Good Girl, Bad Blood the protagonist, Pip Fitz-Amobi, goes on her second adventure as a high school detective. In this novel, Pip searches for Jamie Reynolds, the brother of Pip’s close friend. Jamie goes missing on the day of Sal and Andie’s memorial. Pip had recently found the killers of Sal and Andie in a prequel to Good Girl, Bad Blood. Pip says that she will not investigate anything because of the emotional and physical damage it caused her last time. After the police say they cannot do anything, Pip is forced to investigate the disappearance of Jamie Reynolds. Pip has a podcast called A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder after she previously solved a double homicide. This podcast has many followers who help Pip along the way of her investigation. Pip, her boyfriend, Ravi, and Connor Reynolds are the leaders of this search for Jamie. Jamie’s disappearance seems to be centered around Layla Mead, a catfish tinder profile someone in the town made. Little do they know, Layla is searching for revenge and will do anything to get it. This murder mystery takes place in Fairview, a small town with many secrets. This novel is filled with mystery and action, and it had a very unexpected and surprising ending. The characters in Good Girl, Bad Blood are well developed and are all crucial to finding Jamie. This is a great book for people who enjoy murder mystery novels.

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