HOBUS: Luke Egizio, Class of 2023


I think art is very fun to create, and I love making things that interest me. It really fascinates me how I can make something on a piece of paper with only a pencil. Through art, I learned patience with each piece, to make it look good. 

I started doing art in Lower School, and I really enjoyed it throughout the years. When I started doing art, it was difficult. I did not know the little details better artists have, and I got better by doing that too. It would require time and constant work, and I would put in the work to make the best possible piece I could. It showed me how to fail and make constant revisions to it in order to make it look good. It just taught me how to work on myself, improve, and also make myself a better person. 

Honestly, no art pieces inspired me. My love and passion for soccer inspired me since I could draw and create something about the sport that I have been playing my entire life. When I do art in class, my personal favorite pieces are portraits. I’ve created one of Kevin Hart in 8th grade and another of World Cup Champion Lionel Messi last year. I don’t want to do it seriously anymore, but I want to continue to draw a bit in my free time for fun. 

I want to keep art for the rest of my life and do not want to let go of it since it taught me important life lessons.