HOBUS: Anabelle Persson, Class of 2026


I think I realized my interest in writing when I was in third grade at my elementary school. I think my advanced Writing teacher spurred my interest in writing stories when she gave us characters and we had to write a story about them. From then on, I branched out to writing poems after reading a few poems by Edgar Allen Poe and other classic authors. I then became interested in writing about historical time periods after I read some historical novels such as Salt to the Sea by Rita Sepytus. 

After reading a lot of books, I figured: why can’t I write my own? I was really inspired by how beautiful the books written by Jane Austen are. I think the way she creates and writes her characters is so beautiful. I don’t want to sell the stories and poems I write like her, however. I like to write for my own entertainment and just to relieve boredom on lengthy days. 

I think that writing can give a feeling of novelty if you know how the story will end and how it is your characters in the plot.