HOBUS: Maddy Barakett, Class of 2025


Barakett is standing next to a piece she created at a Sotheby’s Summer program in 2022. (Photo courtesy of Maddy Barakett)

Maddy Barakett designed and drew this piece with the influence of Mrs. Clark. (Photo courtesy of Maddy Barakett)

My favorite art piece I created this year has to be the cup I drew for the Transparency, Value, Contrast, and Unity project. I used a white colored pencil on black 7.5/8 paper to create this piece. This was very unlike my usual art style and I was very satisfied with the final product.

Using colored pencil, especially only one shade, was very out of my comfort. At first, I chose a more simple piece of glassware as my reference. Since I didn’t have much experience with anything like this, I was too nervous to choose one of the more detailed glasses. Once I finished my original final, I was super discontent with the drawing.

Mrs. Clark encouraged me to pick a more complicated reference and encouraged me to take the challenge and do better. The second time around, I took the challenge of choosing the glass that most intimidated me. I made sure to be very methodical with my use of contrast and value. Finally, when I finished this time around I was very proud. I had created something that was not only difficult and detailed, I also created something I didn’t know I was capable of.