Can History and Learning Actually Be Interesting? Hamilton Firmly Says Yes


This historical musical is enjoyable to watch both in person and on-screen.

Watching dances and learning songs about a historical figure sounds boring, but the musical Hamilton makes it so much more fun and entertaining.

Hamilton, created by Lin-Manuel Miranda premiered on Disney+ on July 3, 2020. A lot more people have been interested in this play and the original cast. I was never interested in musicals, but after I watched Hamilton on TV, I loved watching the actors dance and listening to the songs.

While people were caught up in quarantine and were stuck on television, phones, and computers, Smart TV analytics company Samba TV says 2.7 million households watched Hamilton online since July 3, 2020. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda takes Hamilton, a historical general, and turns him into an interesting and educational musical. “Yeah, it was very interesting because it is about a historical person and they are singing and dancing, it was better than I expected though,” said freshman Marlee Schwab.

Hamilton, set in the time of the American Revolution, is imitated on Broadway. (Lila Brodner )

It is pretty impressive that the actors can rap six words per second in some songs, like “Guns and Ships” and “Satisfied.” I liked to learn the songs with my neighbors and we would be able to sing and rap them together when we watched the musical.

Even though it is about a historical figure, it is not all serious, there are many funny parts and parts that relate to the present. In the musical, they have a line that advertises Broadway, and King George also sings songs that are very funny, and has funny dances that keeps the audience interested in the play.

Sophomore Ollie White says, “The musical was fun to watch, and I liked how they ended it, with the music and how Eliza sings a song about all her contributions for Hamilton and Washington, so no one will forget their name and story.”