Bryce Seger shows off her Freshman Talent at Benjamin Hall in the Variety Show


Reid Waxman

Seger shows her enthusiasm for dance in the Variety Show Dazzlers Performance

On Jan. 14, freshman Bryce Seger shined on the Benjamin Hall stage during the Variety Show. 

Although it was tough doing many dances throughout the show, Seger felt confident that it went along smoothly. 

“The variety show went very well. At times it was stressful because I was in so many different dances, but it was really fun and was very successful,” said Seger.

One thing that is unique is that Seger is a part of the Dazzlers dance team and is the only freshman on the team. She feels the kindness of the upperclassmen and loves being with them. 

“It is really cool since I felt really honored when I made the team. It is a privilege that I have wanted for as long as I can remember. All of the girls are so nice to me, and I feel welcomed into this environment,” said Seger.

Senior Kate Grande is a huge believer in Seger and feels like she is a great addition to the team this year. 

“This team is a huge commitment, and sometimes it can be hard for an incoming freshman but Bryce has clearly shown that she can handle it,” said Seger. “She always brings positive energy to the practices and is always there to help anyone if they need it. I am so happy Bryce is our new addition this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing her improve even more with her dancing in years to come.”

There were two times of the show. The first was at 1:30 PM, and the second was at 7:30 PM. Seger was in eight dances and had different opinions on each of them. 

The first dance of the show Seger was in, and was a tap dance. She was thankful for all of the practice she put in, and it paid off during the show. The first dance was for the country of Ireland, titled Celtic Rhythms.

“This dance is very cool since it was a tap dance that was inspired by Irish Step Dancing. I did very well in this dance because I felt comfortable with all of the steps. We have been working on this dance for a while, and it was a great opening to the show,” said Seger.

After the introduction, Seger was thrilled about the next one. This dance was for the country of Finland: The Fisch Slapping Song. 

“The dance was really funny since it was short, and I was dressed up as a boy when others dressed up as girls. I slapped another performer in the face with a fish and wove around a giant Finland flag. Overall, this dance was exciting to perform,” said Seger.

Next, Seger was looking forward to the next dance, since it was her favorite. This dance was for the country Italy: Be Italian. 

“I loved this dance since it was fun and chaotic. It included the Dazzlers, the Diamondettes, and the dance ensemble, and used tambourines and black chairs as props. This dance is definitely one of my favorites,” said Seger.

Although this dance was already performed for the high school, Seger still enjoyed it. The Latin dance was for the country of Spain: The Gypsy Kings Medley.

“This dance was a Latin dance that was performed at an assembly for the school, (Tuesday, January 10th). It starts with a trio of the three Dazzler seniors (Kate Grande, Lexi Lower, and Chloe Krul), then the underclassmen joined in. I loved the costumes and the song of this dance, which made it really fun to perform,” said Seger. 

After Gypsy Kings Medley, it was intermission. Seger was tired and was halfway through the show. Next, Seger danced in a dance about the country Jamaica: Bum Bum

“This dance was unique because it was the only hip-hop dance in the entire variety show. The Dazzlers wore red, and the Diamonettes wore yellow. It was really upbeat, and the costumes were really comfy. We all had a lot of fun performing this dance,” said Seger.

When Bum Bum ended, Seger had to prepare for a long dance. This dance was for the continent of Asia: Graces of Asia.

“This dance was long and incorporated the Diamondnettes once again. We used props, such as fans, ribbons, and umbrellas. I liked the costumes of this dance since they were pink and blue and they had cherry blossoms on them. It was very unique since it was a ballet dance inspired by Asian Culture,” said Seger.

Getting closer to the end, Seger was excited about this dance, because the costumes were colorful. The next dance was for the country of India: Jai Ho. 

“This dance I loved since it was very bright because we were all different colors. It was the most fun dance since there were three different groups and we all danced with different choreography. This one was very stylized,” said Seger. 

Although Seger was in this dance, she had to rush off the stage to immediately change into her costume and gear up for her next and last dance. It was a crowd favorite, for the country of France: Can Can. 

“Can Can was the hardest dance out of all of the dances, but was the most impressive. It was the final dance of the Variety show and got very loud applause from the audience. It was all over the place and was tiring, but fun.

After the finale and when the play ended, Seger felt like the hard work paid off, and it was a great show because of that.  

“I think it went very well. At times it was stressful because I was in so many different dances, but it was really fun and was very successful. I also think I did very well, but I made a couple of mistakes. I injured my leg before the show, which limited my abilities a lot. Under the circumstances, I did pretty well.”

Seger was really happy with her performance and is excited for what is to come next year.