Upper School Musicians Receive Applause for Solo Performance


Junior Micheal Louis performs at the Chambers Concert.

On Wednesday, Feb. 22 at 7:00 p.m., the Performing Arts Department held the annual Chamber Music Concert. This concert differs from others such as the Winter Music Festival as it is features only solo performances by vocalists and musicians.

Junior Luciano Curioni performed a song called “Sorry Grateful” from the Sondheim musical Company. Curioni believes that being in a solo performance relieves some of the stress from singing in front of a crowd.

“Something different about being in a group concert compared to a solo performance is that you have to be able to know your part almost perfectly in a group concert because regardless of the song, people can notice when something is off.  However, in a solo performance you can get away with a mistake or two, especially if the song is not as known,” explained Curioni.

As the Chamber Concert is one of the very few solo performances all school year, it gives students a chance to learn a new side of music.

“Solo performances require a lot more individual rehearsals, so with me being one teacher, there are a lot more Community Blocks and after-school rehearsals. I think it is really important to perform solo because it gives you a totally different experience. It requires different preparation, and your individual musicality has to shine,” said Upper School Music Director Mrs. Kirkland Schuler.

Junior Tristan Mack, a trumpet player in the Upper School band, performed by himself for the first time in the Chamber Concert.

“I performed “Aria,” which is a very popular piece which was composed by Bach. I had to prepare longer than normal for this concert and was extremely nervous when I went on stage,” said Mack.

This concert also gave vocalists the opportunity to develop their voices and work on pitch and tone as it relates to just their voice versus a group of voices.

I think solo concerts are important because they allow you to grow as a singer. It can be easy to rely on other voices, but when you sing solo, the only voice is yours. It gives you time to work and develop your own voice. It also teaches you more about yourself as you spend time trying to discover your character and their voice,” said junior vocalist Alexandra Blount.

All of the musicians and vocalists did amazing jobs in their acts. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed each and every performance.

“I think everyone did a great job. I don’t think anyone made any errors, and all the vocalists did a great job singing loud enough for everyone to hear. The musicians did a great job, and it was interesting to see just one instrument at a time,” said junior Adam Mahmoud.

As this concert was such a success, Benjamin hopes to see more solo concerts in the future