Preview: Outer Banks, Season 3


Season 3 of Outer Banks is expected to have many plot twists and new quests.

Long awaited by fans and viewers alike, the third season of Netflix’s hit show, Outer Banks, finally premiered on Feb. 23. Outer Banks focuses on four friends attempting to find a lost treasure, encountering struggles along the way. The third season picks up immediately from season two’s cliffhanger.  

Season one of this series occurs in Outer Banks, North Carolina, where the protagonist, John B, lives in “paradise on earth”. This paradise quickly becomes dangerous as John B looks for answers about his father’s disappearance. John B and his Pogue friends, JJ, Kiara, and Pope, learn that treasure is near OBX, in a sunken ship called the Royal Merchant. Pope finds out that this gold belonged to his relative, Denmark Tanny. While trying to find the treasure, John B starts to date a Kook named Sarah Cameron. Sarah’s father and brother, Ward and Rafe, kill many people, including the town sheriff, to try to get to the treasure first. This season ends with John B and Sarah, in a boat, heading out to sea in the middle of a hurricane to escape the man who killed John B’s father, Ward Cameron.  

After this cliffhanger, season two starts off focusing on John B and Sarah, who have become fugitives in the Bahamas. This is when a Bahamian cargo ship worker, Kleo is introduced. These two teens find the rest of their Pogue friends and attempt to win the gold back from Ward and Rafe, who have stolen it. Another plot twist is thrown in, as it appears that Ward dies in an explosion on his boat. It is apparent that Ward faked his death as Sarah sees him again. The Pogues quickly learn of an even larger treasure called the cross of Santo Domingo, but it is stolen from them by Rafe. To escape death, JJ, Kiara, Pope, John B, Kleo, and Sarah jump off a ship and land on a remote island, which they name Poguelandia. This season ends with an adrenaline-pumping reveal, John B’s father is alive and still hunting for the treasure. 

After these two popular and nerve-wracking seasons, viewers have high expectations for season three. The trailer reveals that new relationships will form, the treasure will be even greater than expected, and the Pogues will be in even more danger. 

The “Pogues”, or the main characters, are already fan favorites due to previous seasons. (Netflix)

It is expected to see John B and Sarah going strong, still dating. They have been a fan-favorite couple since the shows started, and viewers do not think that will end any time soon. Another relationship that has been in the making since season one is with JJ and Kiara. Fans have seen a will-they-won’t-they plot, but this season is supposed to end that. The trailer reveals that JJ and Kiara give their relationship a chance, beginning to date sometime in season 3. Characters like Pope and Kleo will most likely have a relationship plotline as well, but that has not been hinted at in any trailer so far. 

The anticipation for the Pogues to find and retrieve the treasure is high, as the previous seasons build up the hopes that these teens will win big. As John B’s father is alive, fans look forward to John B and his friends working with his father to finish his quest of finding the ultimate treasure. The trailer seems to show that the source of the gold may be revealed. 

Another part of Outer Banks that was foreshadowed is new antagonists and characters in general. As the plot and quest become more complicated, new villains in the way of the Pogues seem to be the only route this show will take. Viewers look forward to new struggles and conflicts as this will keep the show interesting. 

As seasons one and two were a hit, season three is expected to be just as popular. New relationships, conflicts, and treasures are certain, and people all over the world are excited to watch and see what direction Outer Banks goes. Season four of this Netflix show is already in the works, so no one has to worry about John B and his chaotic friends going anywhere soon.