Sun-Sentinel All-County Boys’ Soccer Player of the Year Ford Cash Takes On a Bigger Role This Season


Reid Waxman, Sports Editor

With being a sophomore star player for the boys’ varsity soccer team, Ford Cash did not only win the Sun-Sentinel All-County Soccer Player of the Year award but has become a beneficial part to the team over the past two seasons. Cash has seen massive development since his freshman season, and is not done working toward his full potential. 

“My physicality and my ability to run past people grew. I have seen a huge difference in my speed and strength, which has improved since my first year,” Cash expressed. “I moved around more with my head up. Last season I was focusing on the goal and getting the ball in there, and this year, I was looking to get my teammates involved more.”

Even though Cash sees himself as a great player, he appreciates the people around him and becomes a tremendous team player.  

“With the many seniors that left last year after our great run, the underclassmen had to step up and become a big part of this team,” Cash exclaimed proudly. “Normally, in soccer, I am an attacking threat, but this year, I upped my role and put myself as a defensive and attacking threat. I am offensive-minded but do my part for the team on the defensive side.”

Cash is a huge difference-maker on the field, and he is getting help from his friend and sophomore Sean Sheehan, who also plays attack alongside Cash. He sees the benefit of Cash on the field and sees Sheehan as a crucial part of his development. 

“Freeing up my role puts a lot of trust in my teammates. When Sean Sheehan came in, he freed me up significantly since he would battle up with the center backs and allowed me to be a better player,” Cash stated. “I was also improving on my left and right foot and could be more fluent with Sean on both sides of the field.”

Not only does Sheehan free up Cash’s space on the field, but he feels Cash cooperates with everyone on the team.

“Ford and I play very well together and have great chemistry. He has a lot of energy and feeds the team with enthusiasm,” Sheehan said proudly. “Ford has gotten a lot better throughout the past two seasons, and I can’t wait to see what is in store for him for the next two seasons.”

In addition to Sheehan, senior Luke Egizio does not only see Cash as a great player but as a great team player. 

“Ford has developed over the years by growing in confidence, which motivates not only him but the entire team,” Egizio said excitedly. “His chemistry on the field is always there, and he is a great team player. He learns to get everyone to build intensity and desire to win the game. He never returns from giving full effort and encourages everyone to play their hardest.”

As Egizio stated, Cash’s work ethic and his urge to win, and his leadership reflect upon everybody. Freshman Gavin Venoff looks at Cash as a mentor and sees his leadership as an energizer.

“Ford is such a mentor to me because he shows leadership to everyone on the team,” Venoff explained. “He acts like a senior since his urge to win makes the team confident. He gives me tips on how to get better every practice, and he wants all of us to get better.”

Cash has become an important factor of the boys’ varsity soccer team over the past few seasons. Not only do his teammates see his talent, but also Kris Steeves, Sun-Sentinel All-County Coach of the Year and Head Coach, has seen his progression throughout the past two seasons. 

“Ford has grown and taken on more responsibility for the team this year. Last year he was an unknown quantity but had a great impact,” Coach Steeves stated proudly. “This year he was one of the main threats for us, and as such, we had to deal with opposing teams targeting him to try and stop him.”

Following Cash’s work during the run to the state semifinals last year, he took a huge step this season, and his work is not done for next season. 

“I’m looking forward to being back with the team and defending the district title,” Cash exclaimed. “Our goal is to win regional and maybe even states.”