JV Lacrosse Suffers Defeat: Looks to Improve as Season Continues


Tuesday, Feb. 21. After an intense game of lacrosse action, the boys’ jv team fell to St. Thomas Aquinas with a final score of 15-5. Despite the outcome, the team is looking ahead with hopes of improving during the course of the still nascent season.

“After about three weeks of daily practices, I think our team will be ready for this upcoming season. And even though we have some players who have never played before, I think that we still have a chance,” said freshmen defender Owen Olbers.

The game started with high energy and intensity, with both teams racing toward the ball, ready to take control of the field. Benjamin was quick to make their mark, scoring the first goal of the game. The crowd erupted with cheers as Benjamin took the lead, however, St. Thomas soon caught up and managed to tie the game with a goal of their own.

As the game progressed, St. Thomas began to take control of the field, making several strategic plays and gaining momentum. Benjamin’s defense tried their best to keep up, but St. Thomas proved to be too strong, scoring several goals in quick succession.

“Our communication on defense could definitely use some work,” said JV coach Patrick Clancy. “At certain times in the game, I felt that we weren’t really working together, but instead fighting for ourselves,” said Coach Clancy.

The Benjamin offense, meanwhile, was struggling to get the ball into their opponent’s goal. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to break through St. Thomas’ defense and get any more points on the board. Coach Clancy believes their offense will get better as the team works on their stick skills.

“Our stick skills could certainly use some more work,” said coach Clancy.

The players were fiercely competitive, pushing themselves to their limits in an effort to secure victory for their school. The crowd was also fully invested in the game, with parents, teachers, and students alike cheering on their team.

Despite Benjamin’s efforts to keep the game close, St. Thomas’ offense continued to dominate the field. They capitalized on every opportunity, scoring goal after goal and widening the gap in the score. Benjamin’s defense was struggling to keep up, and their players were visibly frustrated.

As the game drew to a close, Benjamin struggled to catch up, and the game ended with a final score of 15-5 in favor of St. Thomas. Although it was a tough loss for Benjamin, they showed great sportsmanship and determination throughout the game. The team will use this game as a learning experience, analyzing their mistakes and working to improve for future matches.

“I think that we can improve our mentality going on,” said sophomore Tommy Sini “Keeping our heads up throughout our next game and cheering on our teammates will definitely improve us in the long run,” added Sini.

St. Thomas’ victory was well-deserved as they dominated the whole game. Both teams demonstrated a strong passion for the sport and a desire to win.

The jv team takes to Theofilos Field again next Tuesday, March 7 in an afternoon match against St. Andrews at 4:30..