Mr. David Faus Begins Term as 11th Head of School


Courtesy of Mr. Faus

Mr. David Faus stands in front of his office after joining Benjamin as the new head of school.

Skyler Zur, Co-Editor-in-Chief

After spending the summer preparing for his new role, Mr. David Faus has officially joined the Benjamin community as Head of School.

Although Faus is excited to step into his new position, COVID-19 has presented a number of challenges that have affected students, faculty, and parents. The most pressing of these issues have been when students will be able to return to campus. Faus has been working closely with the Board and the administration to figure out the best situation for the entire School community.

“My main short term goal is to just get us all here live,” Faus said. “There is a tension between our desire to be together versus making sure, from my vantage point, that we are keeping everyone safe. There has to be wisdom and balance in that. For me right now, that’s the real challenge and we are literally having those conversations hour to hour and day to day as information changes.”

While his short term goals are focused on this year and how to provide the best education for students amidst a global pandemic, Faus is also looking forward to the future.

“I think this changed us. I don’t think we ever go back to pre-COVID-19, but there are some really good things that are going to come out of this. New technology has been installed in all the upper school classrooms, and we are going to be able to really use that technology outside of the pandemic. I also think we have all learned something about hygiene and the spread of the virus, so that will help make us a healthier campus,” Faus said.

Despite the current circumstances, Faus is still looking forward to getting to know the community and building meaningful relationships. After 40 years working at independent schools all over the country, Faus feels prepared to join a Benjamin community celebrating its 60th Anniversary.

After his first interaction with the administration, Faus knew that he wanted to work at Benjamin.

“You get these gut feelings. I visited a lot of schools and interviewed for different jobs at different schools. My first visit here felt really comfortable and the people here felt down to earth and really passionate about the school, so there was a passion there and a commitment to the school that was really powerful,” Faus said.

He added, “When I got on campus and got to meet students and faculty, it just enforced all that. It’s a serious place, and everyone is working hard and yet it seems like a place that enjoys celebrating its successes and one another. It’s a pretty remarkable place, and it seems like there are a lot of good things happening ranging from what happens in the classroom to BTV to the athletic program.”

In terms of some of the major choices that will have to be made throughout the year, Faus realizes that not everyone will agree with the final decision; however, he will be making these judgments with one group in mind: students.

“I am someone who has always led by asking the question ‘How does this serve our students?’ and that is how this is going to be resolved in the long-run. If it is in the best interest of the kids to be here, then we are going to be here. I hope that we constantly make decisions that will serve our kids, and that will be the sign of my success or failure.”