TV Review: The Crown, Season Four

Netflix series returns for a season highlighted by the arrival of the Iron Lady and the People’s Princess



Production values on Netflix’s The Crown continue to captivate viewers. For the fourth season, the show’s staff recreated some of Princess Diana’s most memorable outfits and experiences, including her famous pink dress. On the left is the late Princess Diana and on the right is The Crown’s Emma Corrin.

On Nov. 15, the fourth season of Netflix’s popular original series The Crown was made available to fans craving their fill of royal drama. 

The Crown is based upon real-life events throughout the entirety of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. This new season takes place from the time period of 1977 to 1990 and features two of the most controversial female figures in British history: Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana. 

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, also known as the Iron Lady, was the first and only female prime minister in British history. She was known for her seemingly radical economic reforms and her rumored clash with Queen Elizabeth II. 

Gillian Anderson plays the Iron Lady in this season, mimicking Thatcher’s iconic power walk and distinctive voice. One of the most memorable scenes happens during episode 4 when Thatcher holds a harsh conversation with her daughter, openly admitting to preferring her son. 

While current Benjamin students never knew her, the late Princess Diana of Wales was one of the most beloved public figures around the globe in the 1980s, and she is finally introduced into the series in this new season. 

Actress Emma Corrin’s portrayal of Lady Diana is spot on, with many comparing side-by-side shots of Corrin’s Diana and the late Princess herself. Corrin’s hair and outfits are spot on. Corrin even matches the head tilts that Princess Diana was famous for. 

Corrin’s portrayal of Diana showcases the immense pressures that came with Diana’s introduction into the Royal Family and the cracks in her marriage to Prince Charles, who famously maintained an affair with another woman throughout the entirety of the marriage.

One of the most heart-wrenching scenes is between Diana and Charles when they are arguing over the Prince’s affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles in the final episode of the season. Diana questions why she would care about his mistress, and he screams “because I care about her.” The moment shocked audiences and portrayed Charles’ love for Camilla and his lack of love for Diana. 

Perhaps the exciting tension that results from a family in disarray is why the new season of Netflix’s show has received the most views out of all four seasons. 

While the creator and director of the drama, Stephen Daldry, made sure to note that the show is only based on real events and that all of the dialogue is of his own creation. The stunning fictionalized picture of what life is like within the halls of Buckingham Palace is one of the reasons why viewers are so addicted to the show, particularly this season. 

If you love drama, history, the royal family, or all of the above, make sure to watch Netflix’s The Crown. You may even be able to perfect your British accent!


Season four of The Crown can be streamed on Netflix.