Grocery, Gas Prices Rise, Affecting Benjamin Community


As inflation rates rose by over seven percent in 2022, many everyday goods and services increased in price, leaving an impact on the Benjamin community.

Inflation has hit the energy sector the hardest with a major increase in gasoline prices, electricity bills, and household  [piped] gasoline. As many of these increases have affected businesses, it has led to many places having to race their prices to combat their rising energy bills. For example, gasoline at the pump which used to be around $3 in 2021, has now soared to $3.80 in North Palm Beach.

“I pay for my own gas which used to be around $3 a gallon, so I had to find a better way to budget my money with the increasing prices of gas as its about $3.80 now,” said junior Julian Janin.

Many items at the grocery store have seen significant price increases including a carton of eggs with a 49.1 percent increase, butter with a 34.2 percent increase, and bread with a 15.7% increase. 

English teacher Mrs. Mary Ditaranto is someone who has taken notice of these price increases.

“Inflation has affected me quite a bit. Groceries have gone up, so my bag which would normally cost $30 is now costing me $90. I have definitely changed my lifestyle accordingly as I make sure to eat everything in my fridge so nothing goes to waste,” said Mrs. Ditaranto.

Many students at Benjamin have also taken notice of the inflation as many of their favorite places to eat after school have raised their prices.

“I always like to go get food after school, but recently the prices have gone up a ton, especially at Bolay where my bowl that used to be $14 is around $19. So I have been eating out less and making my own meals,” said junior Adam Mahmoud.

Although some students have seen the effects of inflation, many students have not noticed the increase in prices since their parents usually do the shopping.

“My mom usually goes to the grocery store for me,” said junior Nick Cecchini. “She has not said anything about the prices, so I really did not know anything was going on with them,” said Cecchini.

Even if inflation has not affected the ability to shop for necessities, some teachers have had to dial back on their fun.

“Inflation has affected the amount of money I can save for fun things such as travel. I find that most of my money is going to groceries for my family,” said Science teacher Mrs. Katelyn Ballard.

Despite the fact that inflation is still increasing, some items have been able to drop in price during December, including milk, poultry, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, gas prices have declined in price recently resulting in cheaper airline tickets and vehicles. Even though these items are still much higher in price than in January 2022, it is a step in the right direction to see some relief. Also, gas prices have declined in price recently, resulting in cheaper airline tickets.

Hopefully, with the government trying to remedy the inflated prices, 2023 will have major decreases in inflation as many Americans hope for some financial relief.