Prom Season Approaching


Nadia Poncy

This year’s prom will be held in the Benjamin Hall Lobby and outside. due to COVID-19, prom had to be on campus in comparison to off campus in previous years.

Nadia Poncy, Social Media Director

The 2021 Prom season comes to a conclusion on Saturday as the School hosts its traditional gala for juniors and seniors.

Members of the Class of 2021 are greatly anticipating this year’s prom, especially since last year’s event was cancelled due to COVID-19. 

This year’s theme is “A Night in New Orleans” and will take place partly in Benjamin Hall and partly outside. The basis of this theme is around the garden district in New Orleans and the decorations will mimic the scenery of it. There will be a candy bar, a casino, and plenty of spots for photo opportunities.

The event will be socially distanced and will require party-goers to wear masks. Due to COVID-19, this year’s prom will not be providing a dinner, but there will be snacks and beverages served. Though this year’s prom will definitely be different from previous years, the night is still expected to be fun and a great time for students to dance and enjoy the final few weeks of school.

Prom Committee Chair Caelan Brindise said, “Planning prom this year was definitely difficult because there had to be so many precautions taken. However, with the help of Ms. Ford and the rest of the prom committee we have been able to work around the obstacles and still plan a successful prom.”

As April 24th fast approaches, the upper class students are in full throttle preparing promposals, buying dresses, and getting ready for the big day.

Senior Cade Odom prom-posed to fellow senior Hailie Miller with a pair of crocs that said “Prom 2021.” Another favorite of the promposals thus far was senior Alex Michelon’s asking senior Julia Lubarsky with a cake and clever poster.

Senior Kate Waxman said, “I loved seeing all of this year’s promposals and am excited that we are able to even have a prom this year. So far, everyone has been really creative in asking others to prom, and I can’t wait to see more of them.”

The prom dress instagram account, @tbspromdresses, has already received numerous submissions of the dresses that students will be wearing this year. Some dresses are very plain but elegant whereas others are very glitzy and glamorous. Not knowing whose dress is whose adds to the fun because people are guessing whose dress is whose, but we will all find out on prom night. 

Not knowing whether or not we could even have a prom this year, the prom committee had to plan cautiously and are grateful that their hard work will be able to be shown. 

Though restrictive this year, students should be very appreciative of the opportunity to have prom this year because many high schools, not only those in the local area, but around the country, are not able to have one this year due to the restrictions of COVID-19. 

“I am hoping for a good turnout because although it is outside it will still mimic a standard prom. There will definitely be dancing too and I can’t wait to see everyone there,” expressed Brindise.

In the remaining days before prom, students will be doing some last minute necessities, like getting their hair done, renting tuxes, renting cars, and buying corsages, but all the chaos leading up to prom will definitely make the event more appreciated.