Girls’ Lacrosse Aims to Cradle Their Way to States


Tvisha Goel

Senior captain Lily Valentini fights her way towards the goal. The girls’ current record is 8-1 with 4 games approaching in the upcoming week.

Tvisha Goel, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The girls’ lacrosse team has started off winning the draw and hopes to maintain their momentum throughout the season with their eye on the end goal: state championships.

There are four seniors on the girls’ lacrosse team: Lily Valentini, Ella Hayes, Catherine Civitella, and Ainsley Mitchell.

Many of the underclassmen appreciate the leadership that their seniors exhibit on the field. Junior Grace Tighe said, “I really like the
leadership from the seniors this year because they truly care about everyone on the team and only want the best for us. They are great at hyping everyone up and making sure we stay focused at practice.”

Similarly, freshman Kenzie Feiner praised the leadership of the upperclassmen, saying how they work hard to bring the team together as one.

Mitchell has been on the high school lacrosse team since her freshman year and has conflicting emotions regarding her last year on the team. “It’s bittersweet playing my last year. It’s exciting to be a captain and build a strong team, but it’s also sad that this is my last season with my teammates,” she said.

Mitchell is no stranger to team dynamics and, while the girls have come together closely as one team, she explained that the team bonding and chemistry will always have room for improvement so that they “can operate as an elite team.”

Many of the players are also very accustomed to the sport, helping to add more lacrosse knowledge and experience to the field.

Tighe said, “I’ve been playing lacrosse since I was in second grade. I love this sport because I love being a part of a team and being able to make great memories with my friends. As I grew up playing lacrosse, my love for the sport has only kept growing.”

Feiner has also been playing lacrosse for a long time, saying, “I have been playing lacrosse for quite some time now. I started playing in Kindergarten, but I didn’t get serious until I joined my club team in fourth grade. I love lacrosse because of the team dynamic and all the opportunities the sport has to offer.”

The team’s experience should be instrumental in leading them to a
successful year. Additionally, a large part of becoming an even better team is recognizing where a team, and its individual players, can improve to guarantee continued success.

While Tighe said that she would like to improve on her shots, Feiner said, “I hope to improve on my leadership skills this year. I want to do my job and help the team as much as I can so we can make it very far this season.”

The girls’ lacrosse coach, Coach Quinn Roe, is in her inaugural season with the team this year and has many plans for the girls as their season progresses further. She said, “My plan to help the team reach our goal of making it to states is to hold everyone accountable to our values and standards through providing constant and clear feedback. If we are disciplined in our standards and keep focused on our goals, I believe we can beat anyone in the state championship.”

Despite having a coach in her rookie season with Benjamin, the team’s common passion for the game, great chemistry, and immense talent bring a high level of optimism for an exceptional season for the girls’ lacrosse team that has their eyes set on nothing other than a state championship.