Benjamin Student Group Care Crew Holding Its 5th Annual Book Drive


Leah Klein

Members of Care Crew and their parents pose with a large Care Crew flag. The nonprofit has helped many within the local community.

Charlie Spungin, Editor-in-Chief

Care Crew, an organization that consists of many Benjamin students, is holding its fifth annual Book Drive this year. 

The nonprofit organization was founded around five years ago by Benjamin students, led in part by Benjamin mother Mrs. Natalie Marx. The group, with many underclassmen, was formerly a girl scout group with higher ambitions, so they formed a nonprofit in order to maximize their ability to help the community.

“It started when we were looking for a school with needs and found a title one school with the most homeless families in Palm Beach County,” Mrs. Marx explained.

This school is Highland Elementary School in Lake Worth, and the books “should be up to 6-7 grade level”, according to Mrs. Marx. To donate, contact junior Sophie Marx, who is helping coordinate the donations from Benjamin.

The timeliness of the drive is intentional. Care Crew looks to donate these books towards the end of the school year so that the students who receive them will have something to read over the summer.

A staple of the organization, the Book Drive certainly has meaning to the members of Care Crew, as it is one of their many ways of giving back to their community. Freshman Leah Klein, one of the longest-tenured members of Care Crew, is quite passionate about the annual drive and looks forward to it annually.

“We have continued to organize this tradition year after year because we know how much of a difference that bringing books can make to these kids,” Klein said. 

Additionally, part of what makes this so rewarding for Care Crew is the gratitude of those who receive the books. 

“The faculty at the school will sometimes reach to us after the event and express their gratitude and how much happiness it brings the students,” Klein explained.

The rewarding experience is what makes it such a cherished part of the organization. The members go to Highland Elementary School together with the books and food to give to the students. This type of experience creates memories for those in Care Crew that aren’t forgotten year after year.

Giving back to the community is the overarching goal of Care Crew, and the Book Drive furthers this objective each year.

“It’s amazing to see how far our efforts can go to change people’s lives,” Klein said.

An advertisement can be found in the Didsbury Learning Commons, as Care Crew continues to create positivity not only in the Benjamin community but also in the community of Palm Beach County, bringing smiles to faces– both young and old– across the community in a variety of ways. This Book Drive is yet another way that the organization has found itself giving back. Expect it back next year for a sixth straight year.