Homecoming Football Game and Court

There’s No Better Friday Night: Bucs Shutout SLAM!, Increase Team Morale

The Friday night lights were on once again on Oct. 28 for this year’s Homecoming football game, as the Bucs hosted and defeated SLAM! Palm Beach High School 85-0.

The Bucs entered the game with a 3-4 record, coming off a hard-fought overtime win at Calvary Christian the week prior. The game against SLAM! opened in dominant fashion. By the end of the first quarter, the Bucs had already jumped to a 36-0 lead. This was largely in part due to junior running back Chauncey Bowens tallied two touchdowns within the opening quarter. 

The superiority over SLAM! that the Bucs showed early in the game was not only as a result of the team’s talent, but also the game plan.

“We came in with a game plan and executed just how we wrote it,” senior Micah Mays said. “It felt good when we scored about three or four touchdowns in the 1st quarter.”

Those in the student section felt like the result in the Homecoming game was the cherry on top for an excellent week.

“I think it’s a good way to bring it home. I think it’s good to get the school population excited, especially after a really action packed spirit week, to take it home with a win,” senior Owen Nutter said. “It’s just a good feeling.”

Homecoming 2023: A Royal Honor

Moffit, Marx Crowned King and Queen, Underclassmen Elected to Court

This year’s Homecoming Court brought about its usual excitement when announced at the football games and Dance on Oct. 28 and Oct. 29, respectively. The student population, as always, voted for their class representatives.

A change from prior years was the elimination of couples, as those on the Court were voted for individually. This change, according to Student Council Advisor Mrs. Anne Franzen, was something that she had seen other schools execute.

“I learned that people in school were using the Homecoming Court as an opportunity to pair people together who had either broken up or didn’t like each other,” Mrs. Franzen said. “It was kind of a way to pick on people, and that was unacceptable to me.”

During halftime of the football game on Oct. 28, the representatives were announced. For the freshman class, Terrion Ivy-Akins was the sole representative. Easley Hughes and Giancarlo DiLeo represented the sophomores, and Gianna Demerski and Luke Wise represented the juniors.

The six seniors who were in the running for Homecoming king and queen were announced at halftime as well. The three boys were Andrew Moffitt, Leo Bryne, and Jackson Brindise, and the girls were Sophie Marx, Riley MacDermott, and Alexa Beriro. The winners, announced at the end of the Oct. 29 Dance, were Andrew Moffit and Sophie Marx.

“It was very cool to be elected Homecoming King,” Moffitt said. “It was definitely something I never expected, and it was definitely an honor.”